DC vs. Marvel #2: Aquaman vs. Namor

Today is an epic( for some people) battle of Kings. It's DC's King of Atlantis vs. Marvel's King of Atlantis. That's right it's Aquaman vs. Namor. Now this one is tough since these two don't really get the respect they deserve. Aquaman is a great leader and strategist, and Namor is the first mutant and also a great leader. So let's get started.

Arthur Curry aka Aquaman was the son of a Lighthouse operator so of course he was always near water and loved to swim. When his mom was dying she told him that she was the exiled Queen of Atlanis and he would one day rule the seven seas. His father tought him everything he knows including how to control his powers. He eventually became Aquaman, King of Atlantis and Justice League member. His abilities are his amphibious nature, enhanced senses, super strength, endurance, speed, durability, reflexes, marine telepathy, aquatic healing, master swordsman, expert swimmer, expert tactician, and he also has a trident.

Namor McKenzie aka Namor's story start before he was even born. His father Leonard McKenzie was sent to find vibranium and met Princess Fen and impregnated her. Nine months later he was born and was the first ever mutant. He grew up hating surface dwellers. When some were found diving near Atlantis he found out they were Nazi's and fought along side Captain America in WWII. After Atlantis was destroyed he went to New York and lost his memory. When he eventually got it back. Since then he has been known as an anti-hero when he fought along side both heroes and villians. His abilities include super strength, stamina, durability, reflexes, speed, marine telepathy, amphibious nature, flight, aquatic healing, expert swimmer, expert tactician, and animal mimictry.

So clearly this royal battle will be done under water or both will lose their powers. Either way this is one of the closes matches. Aquaman I believe can beat him in the mind compartment but if it's power vs. power it's Namor since he can mimic other marine life, fly and has strong powers even though they are the same. Even though he won IMO I still wanted Aquman to win. Leave a comment on who you think could have one. Hint: Tomorrow were going sky high. Guess who it is.


DC vs. Marvel #1 : Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye

So if you're a comic book fan you probabally have heard about DC vs. Marvel lists. A list of DC heroes and villians facing off against Marvel heroes and villains. So I will just discuss what my list looks like with a very common match up. Green Arrow DC's prized archer vs. Hawkeye Marvel's amazing archer. Before I begin I think you should know a little bit more about these two arrow heads.

Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen is a billionare playboy who at a young age idolized Robin Hood and what he stood for. Ever since he always loved to play with bows and arrows. One day his parents were killed in a safari accident. his uncle was chosed to take care of him until he inheirted the family fourtune. He then became a drunk, thrill seeking, playboy who didn't care about his future. That all changed when he fell off his boat one day a floated onto a deserted island. Their with an arrow he used to help him float learned how to hunt and became an amazing archer. On the island he saw what appeared to be drug smuggleres and foiled their plans. Right then and there he decided he wanted to become a crime fighter. Thoughout the years he eventually became a well known hero, joined the Justice League, became mayor of Star City and evne married fellow hero Black Canary. He has an arsenal of trick arrows and many other toys on hand. He is a master archer, master martail artist, master swordsman, has advance hand-eye-coordination, master marksman, master of aviation and an acrobat.

Hawkeye aka Clint Barton was orphaned at a young age when he parents died in a car accident. With his brother they both ran away to the circus where he was trained by Swordsman and Trickshot. When Swordsman became evil his brother turned on him and left the circus to a life of crime. He stayed behind a trained more with Trickshot and both became good guys. ON one mission he severely injuried a guard who turned out to be his brother. Eventually he left the circus and wandered the country to preform in carnivals as Hawkeye. One day he say Ironman save people's lives and he decided that's what he wanted to do. So he raised his level of archer to expert and eventually join the Avengers. He like Green Arrow also has an arsenal of trick arrows and many other weapons. He is a master archer, master martial artist, mast swordsman, had advanced hand-eye-coordination, master marksman, master of aviation, and an acrobat.

Both men very similar in skills and training yet there is only one winner. It's very close but IMO it's Green Arrow because he has more passion for the little guy just like Robin Hood. If you have other opinions leave a comment but be nice okay.

Tomorrow I have another DC vs. Marvel match up. I have a hint for you, this battle might get a little wet. And if you have any suggestion on who should be on my list of match ups just tell me.


Young Justice or Teen Titans: Which Show Is Better?

So I was watching a lot of shows over the weekend. Many different animated movies like Batman: Under the Red Hood, Superman v.The Elite, etc. and then I had a craving to watch Teen Titans and Young Justice. After watching both shows, I was wondering which show is better. Is it the combination of Action, Drama and Comedy of Teen Titans or is it the combination of Action, Drama and Mystery of Young Justice.

Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and of course Beast Boy make up the main team of the Teen Titans. A great combination of heroes that make one exceptional team. The possible dating tension of Robin/Starfire and Raven/Beastboy kept us coming for the drama. Slade the major evil villian also kept us, wondering what was his next plot against the team was suspenseful and shocking. The fighting scenes were also great, all the creativity that the creators had, using their abilities and powers in different ways is was kept me glued to the tv. And the one final thing that sealed the deal on this show was the gut busting comedy. Beast Boy was especially my favorite.

Robin, Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martain, Artimes, and Kid Flash was the foundation of the team in Young Justice. These group of heroes were put together under different circumstances that the Titans. Either way they still made a great team and did great things. This show is filled to the top with drama. Every hero on the team had their backstory and future problems. Like Superboy being a clone of Superman/Lex Luthor, Miss Martian hiding her true apperance, Artimes being the spawn of villians and Aqualad being the son of one of his mortal enemies Black Manta. Much other drama definetly kept me interested. But I would have to say that the mysteries on this show kept me coming back for more. Finally there was the action which in this case was very very good. The fight scenes in this show is truly something, it's really hard trying to explain it in words.

I mean both shows are similar in the action and drama but what is the deciding factor is it hilarious comedy or cliffhanging mystery. I can't decide which one I love more. So what do you think?


DC Nation and Marvel Universe: Love it, Like it, Or Hate it.

So Cartoon Network and Disney XD are now they homes to two very similar yet different Saturday Morning blocks. It's old news but i just want to talk about what I think about this and I also want to know what you think about it too. So let's start out with DC Nation. Every Saturday morning starting at 10 am Cartoon Network hosts DC Nation. An hour long it contains Green Lantern the Animated serie, one of my favorites Young Justice and soon to come Beware the Batman. Also during commercials they sometimes show a DC Nation short like Teen Titans, MAD superhero clips, behind the scenes work and real life superhero experiments. I personally think that this was a good move by Cartoon Network. But on a television station far, far away is Marvel Universe. Also an hour long block on Disney XD containing the shows Ultimate Spiderman and The Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes. Like DC Nation they also have shorts like behind Marvel Universe and little funny clips from their shows. I also believe that this was a good move by Disney XD. So what do you think about these blocks, Love them, Like them or Hate them.


Superman v. The Elite A great movie

So this weekend I was watching a few new movies I've never seen and I came across one that I really loved. Superman vs. The Elite a somewhat new movie about Superman meeting this group of heroes who believe that bad guys a villians should just be killed and not have a chance to become good. Clearly this goes bad with Superman who will never intenionally kill someone. This relationship then changes from allies to enemies. Eventually this leads to an all out battle between the Elite & Superman. Who wins well I don't want to spoil it but I think you can guess who wins. Anyway just watch this movie the DVD had great special features and there are some sites online where you can watch it. But the bottome line is that this is a great movie.


Wonder Woman, How was she born?

Just by reading the title you could know this. You could say she was made out of clay, or she was just born out of comic book magic. Well that could be true but what if she did have a father, who would it be? Some might say "oh clearly it's a good guy, someone with high powers and stands for justice." Well then if they say so it could be Zeus or another good Greek god right, NO. Well then some might say "well then how about just a good normal guy or hero." Good point what if it is just a normal guy, well there is one problem with that, it just can't be a guy it's Wonder Woman's father, it can't be just some Joe off the street. Okay so if not a guy or a good god then that only leaves, that's right a BAD GOD. More specific Hades. I know that some could also say "no he's a evil god he can't be", or "we all know she was made out of clay!!". Okay but have you heard of different earths. Like the earth where Flash is old, young and Asian. So apparently on the earth I'm talking about is the earth that Justice League the Animated Series is based off on were it is hinted that Wonder Woman's mother did have "relations" with Hades and it could also explain why her mother is blonde and she's has dark hair. Hades has dark hair. So they can disagree with me but really all I'm saying is look at the coincidences.


Why Dick Grayson Was Chosen To Be The Next Batman.

I know that this is an old topic but I've never really talked about it. So we all know after RIP Batman that a new Batman had to be chosen and that is why DC made Battle for the Cowl. Of course the only people that could possibly be Batman are his multiple sidekicks. Yes I'm talking about Robin, (I know others were involved but I'm just going to talk about Robin) but which one. Well there is the first Robin A.K.A. Dick Grayson. People believed that he should take the role because he was the first Robin, was trained longer than any other, and was well older. The reasons why some people did not want him to become Batman was that he was already his own hero (Nightwing), and because he left Batman behind to be his own man. Now there are other options like Robin number two Jason Todd, but my reason why not is well he's the second Robin. Trying to be the boy wonder after the best one ever is hard to live up to which he didn't. Also he is his own hero or enemy (still unclear on the details) Red Hood. So really it's a race between Dick and the third Robin Tim Drake. Tim Drake to me is a better candidate than Jason because I believe that Tim had more and better training being trained under Batman and Nightwing at one point. The only reason why he couldn't be Batman his age. At the time Batman died he was a teen not nearly old enough to be the Caped Crusader. So that would only leave Dick Grayson as the new Batman with a new Robin as well (Damian Wayne). So if you are leave a comment if not tell me why.

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