Wednesday's Web Comic of the Week: Battlepug

What happens when you cross Frazetta with Cute Overload? You get this week’s featured web comic, Battlepug.


Written and Drawn by Mike Norton

Colors by Allen Passalaqua


Updates: Mondays

Framed within the backdrop of a young woman telling a bedtime story to two dogs, Battlepug bears all of the marks of a standard barbarian revenge tale. It focuses on the Kinmundian, the last survivor of a destroyed village out to avenge his friends and family. It takes a sharp turn, however, when you see just what destroyed his village.

The world of Battlepug includes beast masters, who instead of having mastery over panthers and bears control gargantuan baby seals and puppies. On his quest for vengeance, the Kinmundian learns that he may very well have this power, which puts him into an at first uneasy alliance with the Battlepug, and a crazy old hermit named Scrabbly.

Mike Norton is a professional comic artist who draws Battlepug in between drawing comics for publishers such as Marvel and DC. He currently draws Young Justice and is the co-creator of Gravity. He is a also a founding member of Double Feature Comics.

Oh, and did I mention there was a scene taking place at Santa’s workshop?

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