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I don't see how using the internet as your place of entertainment creation means you are not as talented as people on TV, or movies or radios or whatever.....

lots of people start on youtube because it's a great place to share even if you're small and some of them stick to YT because it's their thing, where they started... why go to TV and possibly ruin the quality of what you're doing? or losing most fans of the stuff because they don't even watch TV or listen to radio but rather use the internet?

doesn't seem like a sensible argument, specially since we are talking about art and not science; you can't exactly say someone or something is bad just because it doesn't fit your view or you don't like it

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@bezza: @russcovito:
the thing is guys, Flash as the Speed Force which basically betrays a lot of rules about our universe's physics, while Superman is just really really powerful. although he has been showed to be so powerful to actually bend some rules of physics himself.... still I'd bet Flash is the hardest puncher but in DC they don't seem to specify which one is the biggest hitter

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@kilowog52: Amanda Waller was on Green Lantern??? I never saw that! was it a deleted scene?

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Nope, you shot cubes for 15 minutes. It's fairly easy to get lost, cause everything looks the same. ^-^

I guess it depends from person to person. honestly, I didn't get lost at all, thought the level was pretty easy and it was interesting to get to know more about the Geth and how they "work" and came to be. made it more difficult to kill them off later, but I still did it

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@jorgevy: Its like winning the lottery then having all that money taken away from you and then someone kicks you in the balls.

couldn't have said it better

I would rather have Sean William Scott play as Deadpool.

( + )


this might work. Sean W Scoot actually has some acting chops and can do a bit more than the usual Stifler, which is all that it's needed!

also, since he isn't the biggest star out there, no need to be afraid to cover his face with the mask and/or with the cancer skin

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@havenless said:

@maccyd said:

@jorgevy: Hopefully if they're that close, they'll switch the two around to make the Ultron storyline seem more personal, like the Thor film was to Avengers.

Joss said Pym definitely is not in Avengers, doesn't make Ultron

He never said pym doesn't make ultron. He simply said pym won't be in avengers 2.

More importantly, they said Cap: TWS is the most significant film leading into the Avengers 2. I'm betting the post credit scene for that film will have Hank Pym in it, with a completed "good" Ultron bot.

I think it could be something like that

and then A2 is the Avengers not knowing who this thing is and trying to defeat it. after they do, cue to Ant-man, who people now know was the creator of Ultron, thus making the movie have another fulcrum. then the first Ant-man movie can focus less on origins, more action and it could expand on Ant-man and his drive to make up for what happened in Avengers 2

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Are you asking that if Darren Arnofsky had made the Batman trilogy would he have enocuntered the same level of success as Nolan did making his trilogy.

Te answer is that Nolan was made popular because of The Dark Knight. Before Batman Begins, Nolan wasn't a super popular director. Batman Begins was a mild hit. The Prestige was as well. Nolan became a massive star because The Dark Knight was fantastic, adn because Heath Ledger died and his performance was legendary. Because Dark Knight was amazing, Nolan got all the credit (deservedly), and became a huge star. Inception again was a good movie, and along with Nolan's rising name it launched as one of the best new properties ever. Dark Kngiht Rises was sold as a Batman movie.

So basically, if another director had made his own Batman trilogy it really depends on whether or not it was any good. If David O Russel had made a fantastic first movie, the second would have been incredibly successful, even more so if the second movie was great too. The Third movie would surpass both of the others, even if it didn't succeed either of the first two of the trilogy. Perhaps mildly less because Inception wouldn't have been made and that movie helped Dark Knight Rises at the box office, but yeah, the second would have still made about a billion and the third would have certainly made a billion.

well, this is pretty much the answer I was looking for, honestly

I see your points and thanks for the insight!

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@jorgevy: But she dumped him meaning that for the rest of his life he will know that he was boning Scarlet Johanson and never will again on top of his new career hosting a Syfy channel reality series.

hmmm good point
poor dude

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@reignmaker: I wasn't saying dark as in Nolan, that's his things. I said dark as in opposite to campy

daredevil can't be compared to Batman, Bats is insanely more known to the mainstream audience, and that's where I was getting at.

the Marvel movies aren't all getting amazing reviews but they get the job done the audience, the common people, and I think that Bats, with or without Nolan, would've done the same, because it was the time for it - Batman fits the era - Superman kinda didn't and that's maybe why Returns wasn't as good (also because the movie wasn't that good) and why MoS needed to change things up to get accepted in this day and age

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he boned Scarlet Johanson so.... he's still a winner in my book