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@Billy Batson said:

Just like The Dark Knight Rises, amirite? ;)

Yes, really.

The Avengers just tied The Dark Knight for a RottenTomatoes debut for a comic book film to get 18 straight fresh reviews in it's debut.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

Why bother acting surprised when you even say in the OP that nothing stays 100% forever?!/RottenTomatoes/status/193202911562567681

^ Because there are not a lot of films that debuts at Rotten Tomatoes at 100% esp a comic book film.

Last time that happened on a CB film that debuted with 7+ reviews at 100% was with XFC, Iron Man, and TDK.

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So I guess whomever uses them in a movie first?

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@cloudzackvincent said:

although i m all excited about this and the clip was awesome....i m starting to feel like i hv seen most of the awesome scenes in the trailers, clips etc.... i wish they cut bck a little with the clips

Believe those clips are nothing. They've only shown about 2 mins of various clips out of the 45 mins worth of fights.

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Someone from another forum asked this question:

Catwoman's Skimpy Mask enough to hide identity and fool Batman ???

Pic 1:

Catwoman wearing her skimpy mask.

Pic 2:

Selina Kyle wearing a similar mask in front of Bruce Wayne.

If she's not trying to hide who she is, then why even wear that skimpy mask?

Or, are we as the audience supposed to believe that characters in the film won't recognize Selina Kyle as being Catwoman with that skimpy mask on?

For shame on Batman, Mr. Detective, if he doesn't figure it out.

He will make Blake Lively's character Carol Ferris look like Sherlock Holmes for getting Hal Jordan's secret identity in Green Lantern.

If Bruce knows who she is, then quite a number of people at that party may know who she is too correct?

What is the purpose of Catwoman's mask?

It's not necessarily to hide her identity right?

I mean that's a little silly in Nolan's "real life" scenarios.

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**** SPOILERS ****

I have first hand information regarding a pre-screening of the Avengers back in December last year. I posted this info on SuperHeroHype last December the 6th before all this fake rumors about Red Skull appearing, etc.

Original Post 12-06-12

Regarding the Aliens:

Original Post 12-06-12

Regarding Red Skull / Thanos in the film:

Original Post 12-29-12

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Someone mentioned that DC's new logo is very similar to the logo held by the Discover Channel:

Otherwise... LOL:

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Coz we need drama.

Stories are great stories because of the drama.

If the X-Men were all living happy futures, then what's the point of reading about it?

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Daredevil is probably the most underrated best book right now, thanks to Mark Waid.

If Waid is going to be writing this, SOLD.