The Issue is not Superman being "Un-American" - the Issue is...

Reading forums and even news sites, it's come to my attention that people are not seeing the big picture, and that they seem to be asking the wrong question in regards to this topic.

Why are people attacking Superman?

If there's anyone to blame it should be the writers who turned this non-issue, into a big issue.

I have no problem with Superman "denouncing" his US citizenship.  I'm American and yet I don't label Superman as strictly a US citizen. Like most everyone else I think Superman belongs to the world.


If Superman renounced his citizenship, then this guy should follow.

The issue with this WHOLE issue is simply this:

Why even write about it?

It was a non-issue that turned into this big controversial issue.

It was one of those things that you don't expect to read; something just catches you off guard, and you go "Huh? Where did that come from all of a sudden?"

Superman's citizenship is one of those things that generally people don't even think about openly. It's one of those things we know subconciously; keyword: subconciously. It's not like Superman is out there fighting crime wearing a Captain America outfit proclaiming to everyone that he's American.


He just does his business (mostly in the US ironically, aside from outer space and/or other dimensions), and from time to time in other countries.

Like other fans from other countries have said, Superman's citizenship was never questioned in their minds. They just accepted who he is and is just glad to read about his adventures. Not only that, but they accept him not as a US citizen, but the World's citizen.

So there's no reason to really write about the issue.

It didn't help that Bin Laden's death came after but around the same time frame as this issue, especially when America feels so much more patriotic. Unintentional, but really bad timing.

Simply put it was a non-issue, that turned into an issue.

What would happen if Professor X told the world he was tired of being handicapped?

Just imagine if a story about Professor X was written where he denounces the functionality of his leggs and he tells the reader that he is so sick of not being able to walk with his two feet. Why even write a story about this and basically hurt all your readers who may have handicaps?

If anything, at least just have him denounce Rogaine and tired of being bald.  Ok, just kidding.

But again, the whole thing was a non-issue, so why even write about these non-issues?

This somewhat reminded me of a Batman issue where he proclaimed that he used to pee his pants in his Batman suit during his first few times as Batman.

I mean we all figured (again subconciously) that we can understand that normal human beings would be scared their first time too. But to even write about him peeing his pants? Why even write it?


"Batman, I'll tell you everything I swear! Just please... please don't pee on me!"

Let them stay as non-issues.    

These kinds of things are better left not even written about.    

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