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Jordan Drake

Age: 23

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 186 lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown


Jordan Drake grew up as an orphan, moving from foster home to foster home when he wasn't living on the street. When he finally aged out of the Texas State program for foster children, he took up residence in a cheap studio apartment in the tough side of Northwest Dallas. He supports himself by taking any jobs he's qualified for, which aren't many as a high school drop out. Jordan usually finds himself on sporadic construction crews as new roads are being built or old roads are being redone.

Jordan is bright, even if uneducated, and strong from his years doing manual labor. He lives in poverty, choosing instead to put the majority of his money into savings so that one day he can escape the Dallas projects and go to a technical school and work his way up to the American middle class. When he's not working, which isn't very often, Jordan volunteers for a local boy's home that takes in runaways and gets them back on their feet. Jordan also takes odd handy-man jobs for a local Dojo in exchange for occasional martial art lessons to hone his respectable street fighting skills.

Jordan developed his ability when he was a teenager, though it was unpredictable and unreliable. As time passed, it began refining and he learned to better control it and found he could form a telekinetic bond with metal. Using this telekinetic bond he could move metal with just his will and could even effect the molecular structure of a metal, transforming it to a liquid to reshape it, and then turn it solid again. His ability has limits though. He can connect with and move most Metals, though the size increases the difficulty. Manipulating the molecular makeup of a metal, however, comes at a price as Jordan has to use the energy in his body to effect the energy of the metal he is manipulating. While it would be relatively easy for Jordan to melt the bullets from a single clip, it takes considerable concentration and energy to manipulate steel, and if he tries to manipulate too much of it, he could easily kill himself.

Currently Jordan is at something of a cross roads in his life. Some of the more troubled and less moral members of the labor force Jordan is working for have begun talking about robbing some of the huge houses on their current assignment, taking from the rich and giving to themselves. Jordan is able to identify with the desire to escape his crappy life. Will he turn to a life of crime with his abilities or become something greater?


Metal Telekinesis - Jordan can mentally connect and move metallic substances

Metal Manipulation - This goes beyond mere magnetism as Jordan can alter metal on a molecular level, with great concentration


More complex metals take greater concentration and energy to move or manipulate. If he uses to much energy he can weaken or even die.


Jordan has taken some basic training in martial arts.


Iron Rings - On each finger and thumb, Jordan wears a heavy iron ring. Often when facing common threats on the street he will manipulate these rings into knuckle spikes to cause more pain or damage, but they could be manipulated into even more deadly or dangerous weapons.