Post Schism Gold Team

The title will most likely change after it starts.

The titles that have been linked to the Blue team are:

Wolverine and the X-Men

Uncanny X-Force

X-Men Legacy


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Posted by AgeofHurricane

I was thinking that "Frenzy" was Prodigy......that's a more manly stature if you ask me, then again I think I'm seeing a lil ponytail......

Posted by jordama
@AgeofHurricane: I think the pony tail looking thing is actually part of the character in front of Strong Guy, there is a random foot in front of him. I still think it is more of a lady and I haven't seen to many students on the cover, I don't think they are getting respect in these covers. 
Posted by AgeofHurricane
@jordama: Yeah, i really hope something big happens to them Post-Schism, i still think that the person behind Rogue is Prodigy.
Posted by jordama
@AgeofHurricane: I agree it could be a male, but I still don't think Prodigy would be on that cover. Just doesn't fit to me. 
Posted by AgeofHurricane
@jordama: Yeah, well he fits to me but I don't see how he would side with Wolverine, optimism.
Edited by Ouija

I think the two to the right of havok's powered up arm are Shatterstar and Layla, and the random foot in front of strong guy is madrox's 
I really wanna know who the girl is at the top of rogue's team those flying tail things make me think of banshee from AoA and how his cape was just shreds like that
Posted by Ouija

is that person aboce wolverine's head possibly Bling!???
Posted by jordama
@Ouija: I think you hit the nail on the head with X-Factor, but because it isn't that clear, I am still restraining adding them.  
I was thinking the weird cape might have been Polaris, she seems like she might try that cape.  
The pointy one? I think a lot of people were assuming that is Iceman, I tend to agree because students haven't really been featured on the covers. 
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you know now that i think of that artist and how he has drawn iceman before it is prob him......who is the girl on wolvie's cover in the background flying in the skirt? is it Idie? Only skirt I can think of is Boom Boom 
i really wanna know who the guy is in between wolvie and x-force.....lookslike he is wearing a coat, would be awesome if it was chamber, but it looks like a power is coming off his hand so i guess not
Posted by jordama
@Ouija: I was trying to think who has that kind of fire power and all I could think of was the Sunfire family. The other thought I had was that maybe Rachel got a new uniform. She could make the fire. The only other possibility is Magma who has been shown to be able to fly to the disgust of fans. That could mean that the speculation that the flying figure on the new mutants is actually Dust which some suspected.  
I was think the guy inbetween may be Quentin. The head rings is what is making lean towards him. 
Edited by Ouija

You are right it's prob Quentin.... 
If you don't mind I'm gunna make one for the other team
Posted by jordama
@Ouija: But I thought Logan hated the kid.  
I made a blue one too :) 
Posted by jordama
@AgeofHurricane: It is Frenzy, Sorry. 
Posted by AgeofHurricane
@jordama: *Sobs*