Micro to do list

I have kept making plans that I wanted to do this project or that one, so I want to make an actual todo list to keep me on track and give me more accountability.

List items

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Posted by Hawkeye446

Young Avengers, Gay X-Men, Havok, Sounds good!

Posted by jordama
@Hawkeye446: Thanks
Posted by riri4life

@jordama: Young avengers should be much further up on the list! :(

....and Cyc......a costume evolution? REALLY? >_> That shouldn't take long. #copy #paste #repeat But he's ur bro, so I'll try not to be too harsh. ;P

Posted by jordama
@riri4life: ugh, it is my list, you don't have to @ me.  
I did make Wiccan and Hulkling. I just like the idea of making them, and having them in my completed pile.  
you know I was actually on the fence with him, I just haven't made a micro of him that wasn't alternate reality or covered up. 
Edited by riri4life

ugh whatevz.

u would already have Billy and Teddy done.

Even alt Cyc's usually aren't too different imo.

Posted by jordama

 I made billy cuz i think i wanted him as my icon for a while and then teddy has to be made cuz he is always forgotten. the cloak was fun 
This one was difficult at the time.

Posted by riri4life

U know who should play Billy? Darren Criss! ^_^

Posted by jordama
@riri4life: Ew, no.  
Like no 
Posted by riri4life

LOL ....yeah maybe not. But he kinda reminded me of Billy when he had longer hair.

Posted by jordama
Like five years ago maybe. Seriously, Umbra sorcerer is the spitting image. 
Posted by riri4life

.......U R #Obsessed I think I said before he kinda reminded me of a young Seth Meyers. :P


love this ^

...who could play Teddy though?

Posted by jordama
@riri4life: I think no body actors should play both.