Micro Blog 26: Generation Hope Cover 3

So my love of Generation Hope and Five Lights continues.

I had tried to make the micro a little more interesting by giving them backgrounds and making them covers.

So here is my third attempt at making a GenHope Cover.

Reminiscent of the X-Men cover from First to last.

Emma and Hope.

It is based partially on the conversation from GenHope a while back where Hope said that Emma stood in her way, Hope would "Leave her in Cinder." I think the cover with Emma using her powers is slightly better.

I think the phoenix came out poorly just because of lack of detail.

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@The Dark Huntress: Thanks DH :)

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You are very talented

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@punkpuppy3: Thank you so much :)

Posted by RainEffect

I really want to pick up Generation Hope as I'm a sucker for her character.

Posted by jordama

@RainEffect: I highly recommend it

and thanks :)