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OK, this has been annoying me for awhile and now it's beginning to piss me off (just a little). 

New Mutants Forever = not canon
The X-comics within the new "Forever" line are not canon. They are by definition not Canon. They are supposed to be the alternate
X-Factor Forever 01= not canon
stories that the original writer is continuing. This means the following is not canon: X-Men Forever 1 & 2, X-Factor Forever, and New Mutants Forever. If you cannot tell if the image is from the Forever series, don't put them in the 616 galleries. If you don't know the story behind the image, you really shouldn't be putting them in galleries to begin with. I spent a couple hours cleaning out Kitty's gallery and Jeans gallery and a couple others because someone decided that the Forever images were going in the 616 gallery.   
So if you can see this, for gods sake do not put Forever images into the 616 galleries. Thank You 

"Do we look like Canon to you?"
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I'm just here to lend you a is spelled 'canon'. You write canon, and shoot cannons.

Posted by jordama
@bleedingheart said:
"I'm just here to lend you a is spelled 'canon'. You write canon, and shoot cannons. "

what are you talking about, I have no spelling mistakes ;-)
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Hehe, very sneaky! :P

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gotta love Blogs
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I know I found it weird to begin with.  Sometimes AU characters are so similar, that it's hard to tell which gallery they should go in... but the Forvere titles are so distinctive, that they're among some of the easier to place.