Bill and Ted's Avenger Adventure

We are so original

Dude, we were referenced?
I just realized that Wiccan (Billy) and Hulkling (Teddy) names are a reference to the Bill and Ted movies from the late 80's/ early 90's.  
One Blond, one black hair, given they are switched, but still.  
They were both "coupled" in their own way...
Do you think this was intentional or just happen to work out that way? Do you think some one was a fan and that slipped in or is this a case of a fan over thinking characters? 
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Love Bill and Ted, I hope the reference was intentional, though I doubt it.
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Heh... I never noticed this, dude :)

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Heinberg actually has another character he created named Teddy Altman, though she is from his work as a TV-writer, and is a character on Grey's Anatomy. As for Billy's name, since he's meant to be the spiritual successor to Scarlet Witch's child, his name had to be either William or Thomas. Still, they decided to shorten it to Billy. 

I can't imagine it's a coincidence since every time I mention Billy & Teddy (and I mention them a lot. ._.) I instantly think of Bill & Ted. <3 
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I would've gone with 

Bill and Ted's Excellent Avengers

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That is funny. I didn't notice. Probably unintentional but hopefully someone has pointed it out and they put in a reference to time travel in a phone booth or something.
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I thought about it but the two movies were excellent and bogus adventure.
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Wyld Stallons assemble!

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lol! I'm picturing Hulking yelling "RADICAL!" as he charges into battle!

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thats cool


Neat observation, and how did that slide by me? I must have forgotten that the clock in San Dimas is always running...

FYI, the Bogus Journey comic is pretty good for anyone who hasn't read it, and fills a few

of the films plot holes.

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- Does that make Magneto, Rufus?

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Maybe a little intentional