Oh no

Just spent way to much on X-Men shirts...


They were just too tempting...


Not my fault


Bill and Ted's Avenger Adventure

We are so original

Dude, we were referenced?
I just realized that Wiccan (Billy) and Hulkling (Teddy) names are a reference to the Bill and Ted movies from the late 80's/ early 90's.  
One Blond, one black hair, given they are switched, but still.  
They were both "coupled" in their own way...
Do you think this was intentional or just happen to work out that way? Do you think some one was a fan and that slipped in or is this a case of a fan over thinking characters? 

Sixth Light Speculation

Shhh Classified

The Sixth Light
The information about Generation Hope 6 suggests that the new Light is about to activate already. From the cover of the issue it looks to be a baby still in the womb. This would mean that even if the light comes to live on utopia with the X-Men the Team would still be the Five Lights. From the cover it looks like the Light will have some kind of psychic powers. When searching for the cover for Generation Hope 7, it was "classified" but I did find this cover on one website. This would further suggest that the Baby is psychic and that the baby is controlling the staff an patients of the hospital. From the looks of the staff it appears to be very Anglo and western, so what countries do you think the baby could be from? For some reason I'm think the baby is from the UK or Eastern Europe. My current theory is that the child is from Ireland. This fits into the Anglo idea and the arc title is Ward, this could be a play on the child's name (Ward is a fairly common Irish last name).

THIS STORY WILL BE TALKED ABOUT FOR YEARS! A new light pings into existence on Cerebra. A new mutant life is out there. A new mutant life needing Generation Hope's help, before his nascent power consumes him. Can the newest team of mutants in the world save this newest mutant? If you miss this, you only have yourself to blame.
So What do you think, is it too soon to have another Light activate? Does the fact that it is a baby seem like a cop out? Do you think contact with the mother will make it okay or does Hope have to wait for the child to be born?

Everybody Loves Me

  Just a little background music for the blog.  
So right now my life is pretty sweet.  
My job is nice, Resident Assistant pride. I'm complimented for how well I do my job all the time, not only from my primary boss but from his boss aswell. I just got approval that I will be the first RA in a new program that ships some of the student body to Chicago for a semester. This means I will be taking 2.5 classes and have an intership while being alone as an RA and after the hell I have been through with my current staff I need to work alone for a while.  I had originally wanted to be the RA there during the spring semester but my boss' boss said that he wanted one of the most solid RA he had there to start with and I was perfect.
I'm on the committe to find the new Resident Director for the program, a huge deal for a first year RA like myself, but then again, I am pretty awesome at my job. 
I will be on a PRIDE panel "Ask a gay" in which I will be talking about my asexuality for the first time, but I doubt the last, in a public forum. This is somewhat an honor because they came to me and asked if I could part take in the panel. Related, my final paper for my Sex and Society class is about Asexuality and I might be able to use my own presentation for the paper and to be honest researching asexuality and having it confirm so much is just such a great feeling.
I just discovered some of OneRepublics other songs that are amazing, hence the song at the start.  
While not academically perfect, I am doing pretty well and one of my classes I just got over the largest hump of work that I had so I can focus on the final project...mhmm.  
I'm proud of the micros that I have finished. Age of X is great for my work and I think I did them justice.  
So instead of thinking of all the crap I carry in my life I will look atthe positive for a little while because my life could be a lot worse and has been a lot worse.

Micro Blog Set 17c: AoX New Mutants

My third installment of the AoX Micros. Plus the last group for a little while. The New Mutants with a twist of demented 

X-Men: Legacy #246
Dust: Loved the effect. 
Dani: The last one made and the one I was slightly afraid of because she could make or break the team.  
Cypher: or Warlock, or Douglock as it maybe. I think the circuits came out nicely.  
Magma: Love the casual flame.  
Karma: Now she was the first one I made and I should have added to her but eh.  
Eclipse: I loved the effect originally but it lost its coolness after a while.  
So Here is the New Mutants team. :) 
PS Now maybe the addict rir will get off my back for a few days.  
Here Is the two previous sets 
Force Warriors and From the concept art 
If you like my work and want to see what else I have made check out this list 
Or if you want to glance through my portfolio

RA Bulletin Board

So, if you did not know this, I am a RA. This is a Resident Assistant, my job is a para- professional position at a college and one of the most respected and difficult jobs to get. Our job includes making all residents feel welcome, having programs, making sure that everyone in the hall is safe, building community, making door decs and of course making bulletin boards. Having said all that I just made a great comic fan bulletin board that may reveal my allegiance to the Marvel Universe.     


I call it MARVEL > DC 
First off I know I messed up the Marvel Logo, I'm not perfect and didn'rt want to do it again,  
So the bulletin board focuses on what most people know abot the two comic book publishers, the movies they put out. So for Marvel, we have six movies with confirmed release dates, Thor, X-Men First Class, Captain America, Avengers, the Amazing Spider-Man, and a Ghost Rider Sequel (I didn't feel like adding that one here). For DC they have a confirmed release date (that I could find) on Green Lantern, the rest were TBA.  
Sooooooo, um yeah.


Micro Blog Set 17b: Age of X Force Warriors

The long wait is over, may I introduce the Force Warriors

X-Men: Legacy #245
Julian, Legion, Unuscione (grumble), Psylocke and Revenant
I had leaked the image of Revenant for my To-do list a while back. Legion and Julian were so fun after I got over the fear of screwing up. I am disappointed that the girl on the left is Unuscione and not Sofia, but it really wouldn't make sense for it to be Sofia. Unuscione is kind of bland but Revenat in the back makes up for it. Psylocke was the last one to be finished and I still think she could be greatly improved if I had more images to work from.  
So tell me what you think. 
If you like my work and want to see what else I have made check out this list 
Next Up New Mutants AoX

Gwen Stacy as a Woman in Refrigerators

The recent article  about Gwen Stacy needing to die again made a reference to her being reduced to a woman in refrigerator. This made me think that putting her in that group is reducing her as a character, making her into a throw away character thats only purpose was to kill off to advance Spider-man, this simply isn't true though. She was a character for quit some time and would eventually die because of her connection to Peter like many characters, regardless of their gender. Not to long before her death, her father died because of Spider-man actions, this too developed Spider-mans character, but not in the same way. If it had been Harry Osborn, the best friend it would be different, he wouldn't be in a group like the woman in refrigertor. Is it just because Gwen is a women that died that she automatically becomes a Woman in refrigerator? When I think of the characters that are women in refrigerators, I think of characters that were throw away characters, only created to be killed off, Gwen wasn't that at all. 

Comicvine todo List (With new AoX Micro)

I want to get a lot of work done this month for comicvine. Having just finished my 50th Blog, I want to get back into making my micros. I had hoped that the milestone 50th blog would have been something really monumental.  

My list of Micros to get done over the next month

Finish the Force Warriors. CHECK

Part of the Force Warriors

I have a long list of my New X-Men Fears that I wanted to get done.  
Age of X really need some more of my Micros.This Includes the New Mutants team, CHECK and Tempo's team
Anole costume Evolution. I want to include his To Serve and Protect cape.  
Five Lights I have wanted to do for a while. 


I have planned to finally get a list over the 95 mark so I can complete the quest fairly. This means atleast 15 new micro'd characters that I haven't made before.  


 There are several lesser X-Men characters that I would like to make the new structure for. I haven't heard anything against the edits that I have done so I assume they are good. This is mostly the New X-Men 


My goal is to once again have a top rated blog views for this month. That means I need to make blogs worth viewing.   
I was thinking of a blog showing the evolution of my Micro abiliy before I reveal any kind of new art blogs. 

New Art style??

 I have been contemplating leaving my Micro roots, not completely, and venture into a new art style for myself. I have become quit good at paint and I have a feeling I could make some very interesting images.    


I have four now, I hope to start making more for the un reviewed titles.

Start the Conversation

Completely Random ASl Song: We R Who We R

 This is another interpritation done by  Michael Dimartino. This time it is for the Ke$ha song We R Who We R. If you didn't know this already I love all things asl and this guy is actually really good at asl, opposed to many that just make pse vids and get yelled at by people that actually know asl.