Micro Blog Set 22: X-Factor (Full)

For the preview and basics see here

So I finally made the X-Factor Team. I am glad I waited because I think it came out a lot better now then if I made it last year.

The team is the one before Schism, minus Pip and without Darwin. So here is the big team image

Starting at the the top

  • M: I used an Old one I made, just because at the time it was one of my best.
  • Banshee: I really liked this one, my friend would say, "That is sexy."
  • Strong Guy: Didn'tr care for this micro as much.
  • Rictor: Got his grove back.
  • Shatterstar: I know the hair was a problem, I started making my hair and he was just not working with me.
  • Madrox: The last one I made for the set, came out okay.
  • Layla: Not as incredible as I hoped but still good.
  • Longshot: Lovbed the way the outfit came out and the hair makes me think he is Luke.
  • Wolfsbane: I used a template for the body that I found that was supposed to be this really sexy one, but I tried to make it more animal and primal, she was also the first one I made.

The other part of this project was the background singles that I mentioned in the preview of this. I really liked them so I am uploading them all, usually I don't upload all the individual images unless I really like them.

I added a second Monet.

So here is one of the best teams in comics and one of my best works. Please tell me what you think, if the backgrounds came out well etc.

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Micro Blog Set 22: X-Factor (Preview)

Okay, I really shouldn't tip my hand but I thought this was so EPIC. Given this is a micro that I have already revealed I figured this would be the safe one to show what I am up to.  

 Background love, Thanks Emma     
So yeah I am finally doing the X-Factor Micro Set but then i had this crazy idea because of this Emma Frost Panel. I just couldn't get it out of my mind. It was super art or the most original idea, but seeing it made me want to do that to my Micros. I always felt that the blank background was bland and I never liked the "transparent" background either.  
So I have four of the Micros for the team officially finished, and I tried the background Idea on one and I WAS IN LOVE. Then I tweaked it slightly here and there and then I was working on one and had the crazy idea to just add there name to the box, AND BAM it was golden.   
I don't know why but I think it is amazing idea is amazing and I really hope it works for the next five Micros.  
But here is a preview of the image.  
So Tell me what you think. 

The Schism for Five Lights

Schism has been a odd little story to me. It is all (with the exception of Generation Hope tie ins) taken place in mini books, not the main titles. Half the books (Prelude) were about some mysterious force that was going to kill the X-Men and all mutants but we have yet to see what that really is.  
It could be Sentinels, but the Sentinel problem is almost laughable right now considering the Sentinels are so busted up and malfunctioning. We also see the new Hellfire Club which has been lacking to many.  
 Schism has been pretty bad for Oya
We have seen a lot of information about the ramifications of Schism as well. We know that the X-Men and peripheral teams are going to split under either Cyclops or Wolverine. The exact reason for the split has been kinda vague but has been said to be ideological in nature. This is creating a modern Magneto and Professor X dynamic. One possible reason for the split seems to involve one of the youngest mutants on Utopia, Idie "Oya"  Okonkwo. We have seen her interacting more with Wolverine and while it isn't the best image of her, she seems to be on the "Wolverine and the X-Men" cover. This is while the other Five Lights (Four technically) and Hope have sided with Cyclops.   
There has been a lot of controversy over the decision that Cyclops made to let Oya handle the Hellfire goons where she killed several, no civilians. while I don't want to debate the legitimacy of this decision, it has happened and I think it is more important to look towards her future. 
      Oya is on Gold
A few things that this really means. If the team continues to be the "Five Lights," we could see one of the new mutants/lights that Hope saves joining the Team. I don't know how people would take a roster change after a year of the series being published.  
 Five Lights after Schism
Another little detail that no one has thought to much about is that the Five Lights are also experiencing the Schism on the smaller scale. How are the team members going to deal with Oya deciding to leave? I can already see some panels forming in my mind of Primal being sad and lying at Hopes feet like a dog, Velocidad making jokes that piss everyone off, Transonic over-analyzing what this means and saying how she should quit the team, and Zero making some weird cryptic comment. We have also seen the cover of Generation Hope 12 that has Hope looking like she has lost her mind. How is this separation going to affect her. This is the first time that a light has really gone against her to this extreme. We have already seen with the death of Zeeshan that a Light has a lot of effect on her. 
Generation Hope 12
Lastly, will the "Four" Lights that remain with Hope be able to fight Oya in a battle? Could they attack the fourteen year old that they once thought of as such a good friend? will we see a "heartless" Hope that goes into warrior/soldier mode that views Oya as just another enemy?  
And all of this while Sebastian Shaw is working with them? The idea of liaison changing had come up before but never did I think that Shaw would be allowed to work with the Lights or Hope for that matter.  
So what are the Light fans thinking about how Schism will affect the team?  

Micro Blog Set 21: First Class fights Five Lights

So I have mentioned to a couple users that I have been working on a big project. And here it is, or check it out here

So as the title may have told you, this micro set has the First class of X-men fighting the Five Lights.  
So we have: 
Marvel Girl vs Velocidad. My original idea had Velocidad fighting Iceman becaus they are pretty similar when it comes to personality, however I didn't want to make a micro with Velocidad just frozen in place.  
Beast vs Primal. The first one I worked on for this set, had to really do a lot of work to make the grappling look. It was really tuff.  
 Angel vs Transonic. I was so happy when I saw the Fish Transonic but then I was sad that the conncept design had her behind Angel.  
Cyclops vs Zero. I wasn't sure how to pair a lot of the characters, really Primal and Beast were the only ones I knew for sure. But when I was paring them I saw the chance to make a cool Zero Micro that showed off his powers.  
Iceman vs Oya. This is probably the one I like the least. It seemed to simple to say that these two are fighting. almost like a cop out. Plus the effects aren't that great. I do like the simplicity of her fire though.  
Professor X vs Messiah Hope. I really just wanted Hope to be shooting Xavier in the head.  
So that was the project some people got a sneak preview. For the most part, I liked the way it all came out. I made the background just to give it some depth. 
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New X-Men Peaked

New X-Men
Many users are incredibly annoyed that the New X-Men are not getting the respect that they believed are deserved. While some of the students have crossed into the major X-Men titles (Pixie, Anole, Rockslide and Loa in Namor the first mutant) and many others make cameos occasionally it is still a big let down that they do not have an ongoing. This hurts even more when you consider that there is a Generation Hope book, introducing even more new characters.  
 Young X-Men
This is part of the problem. The last time they made a book that centered around the younger X-Men, Young X-Men, it completely bombed. The writing was looked at as below par, the story wasn't as good, and most importantly, it didn't focus on the big names for the New X-Men series opting to introduce new characters instead. I personally read these two series out of order, reading Young X-Men before New X-Men. I didn't have anything against the Young X-Men because I didn't have the same ties to the characters that other had. But it is because that book did so terribly that I think Marvel is hesitant at getting the students a new book any time soon.  
But the major thing I want to hit on is the last great story that the New X-Men were in, the point where they really peaked, I'm talking about Quest for Magik.  
Quest for Magik
Anole Losing an Arm              

New Rockslide    
This was the arc that I think really made the team great. The two leaders were separated from the rest of the team and we saw a lot of underused characters see the light of day. This is where Anole and Pixie really made there impact. Written by some of the best X-Men writers, Kyle and Yost, I think this is the New X-Mens finest hour. We see the team come together as it never really did to fight such an opponent. While Nimrod was a great foe, I think there was something more dire about Belasco taking them into hell, it had a much bigger sense of peril and that they could die during this battle. We did see Prodigy die, as well as X-23, Rockslide blew up, Anole lost an arm and Pixie, her soul. We see what these characters are really capable of in these moments, what they are really willing top do to save each other and this is what really makes them X-Men.  
 My finally and main point to all of this is that if this was when the New X-Men peaked I think we should be happy. While I know that most want them to come back and have that same level of awesomeness, we should be realistic and understand that was basically a once in a lifetime high point. I think the story is still incredible if you read it and that this is the kind of story that we should be proud of for our favorites.  
And the art was EPIC. 

Micro Blog Set 20: Leaders of the Blue X-Men

So my last blog was kinda lame. So I wanted to take my time with the next set and really put all my effort into it. I didn't want it to be crap. This is the first time I made three of them so it was somewhat challenging. So here they are: 
 Shaw: Supposed mentor to the Five Lights and Hope. does this mean that Kitty is on the Gold team? 
Jubilee: Leading the X-Men comic. Given the other silhouettes could this be the Blue teams X-Force? 
Emma: Heading up the new Uncanny, Makes me wonder were Scott will be.  
 X-Man: Leading New Mutants? Is it possible that he takes  leadership from Dani? 
 So I am actually really proud of this team. I think that it is my best work in a while. I worked on the poses so they would be as close to the teaser as possible. It is my first time making Emma, Shaw and X-Man so that was fun. So let me know what y'all think in the comments.  
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Micro Blog Set 19: "Ward" and Zeeshan

I got bored and I was procrastinating looking for my internship so I decided to make some Micros. I just kind throw them together. 

The Nameless Baby and Mother. I really got lazy so this is awful.
Zeeshan: The mutant to kill himself in a lame attempt at making an "It Gets better" service announcement. 
Both were created with the after Hope Idea. So the mother with her child after their life goes back to normal. And Zeeshan was based on the idea that Hope actually did make it. Both are really flawed so I will look back and shake my head at these.