Micro Blog 26: Generation Hope Cover 3

So my love of Generation Hope and Five Lights continues.

I had tried to make the micro a little more interesting by giving them backgrounds and making them covers.

So here is my third attempt at making a GenHope Cover.

Reminiscent of the X-Men cover from First to last.

Emma and Hope.

It is based partially on the conversation from GenHope a while back where Hope said that Emma stood in her way, Hope would "Leave her in Cinder." I think the cover with Emma using her powers is slightly better.

I think the phoenix came out poorly just because of lack of detail.


Character Development: How an Arc completely Changed Indra


Lets all look at Indra for a moment.

Yearbook Photo, Alpha Squadron

He started of as essentially wallpaper for the New X-Men series. The book focused on two teams, New Mutants and Hellions (Squads). Indra was a member of the Alpha Squad, named after Alpha Flight, Northstar's original team. The team was nothing, barely even on the radar until Northstar was taken over by the Hand. Then the characters finally get a chance to speak! Up until this point, I think no one really new anything about the character. In the next upcoming arcs, we see find that he retains his powers after M-Day, and that he is one of the youngest mutants still alive. But at this point the X-Men split and Indra is not on of the Young X-Men selected.

For the most part, if he was never seen again, only a very small group would remember him.

That was until the Dark Reign Arc. In this arc we see him strike a Hammer solider that attacked him. Because of this we find out that he is a pacifist and doesn't believe in any type of violence.

Indra, The Badass
New Indra gets New Powers

Then his powers change dramatically, now he has a cool warrior look. Again, none of this could have been foreseen back in the days of New X-Men. And then he is the focal point of an arc in X-Men Legacy. A whole arc was devoted to him in Legacy. No we have a character with some substance. He was going to have to get married, and then one of the Children of the Vault falls in love with him? Really? Within the span of a few months he went from wallpaper to, "WHY DON"T THEY EVER WRITE HIM ANYMORE."

People really enjoy this character now and it is essentially because of on arc, almost one image.

What could be the reason for the attention? Is just that they want to give some panel time to lesser characters? Did a writer think that they could become the writer responsible for a character becoming popular? Or is it because we really haven't seen to many characters like Indra. We had Dust, who is similar to Indra in some ways, but I think having a male character that is supposed to be a pacifist and struggling with violent urges is a little more compelling then your average Young Mutant.

Will we see more of Indra now that the school is being brought back? Will he be a strong character still?

What do you think about the New Indra?


Appearances: Who wants to look normal?

I was just thinking, that a lot of the younger X-Men that are still alive today are "visually distinct". Their skin is a weird color or they have some physical mutation.

But I cannot recall this being addressed for the most part within the comics. we see a lot of characters that go through the drama of wanting a cure to look normal because of all the problems looking weird has caused them (See Beast). This new generation is more physically mutated than any generation before them, but we haven't really seen the characters discuss these mutations at all. No one talks about Indra and Loa's facial marks, Bling! being a walking diamond or even Anole being green and scaley on one side.

I think it is safe to say that these students are not exactly going to be judging each other by their physical appearance, but are we to assume that they are all okay with their physical mutation? Is Rockslide fine with his condition or does he secretly wish that he could be normal like Ben Grimm often does.

This is also affecting the new "Lights," Transonic and Zero both have physical mutations, but for the most part they don't complain and are just okay with what their lives are now. Meanwhile we see a character created just to kill himself because of his physical mutation.

Here is a list of some of the Physically Mutated Youth

So many of them are physically different but with a few exceptions (Mercury short anthology appearance) it really isn't addressed their opinions on what they look like. How many do you think would want to look normal given the choice?


Micro Blog 24: Generation Hope Cover 1

So in my quest to deal with the back ground issue that I mentioned in a previous blog, I am trying this.

Based on the love triangle between Velocidad, Pixie and Hope. I would write something that gave more details but I am tired.


Oct 14th - Two year vinersary – banned

So last week was my two year vinesary on Comicvine, yay me. Over that time I racked up nearly 40,000 points, over 2,000 posts, over 80 blog posts, almost 250 followers, over 2,200 images, 12 lists, quest level 32, I helped with fan fics and round tables as well. Not to mention I was Community star a while back. I thought I had a very productive time on the site.
On the days leading up to my two year mark I was being harassed in the forums however. A user blew up over a comment that I made and it quickly became a personal attack. When I finally saw this, I was shocked that not a single person came to my defense. So I defended myself. This lead to a public fight. I chose to move the fight out of the public forums and into a pm. By this time, users that I never met came to my defense. Eventually the pm had stopped and I was done.
Then finally a mod got involved in the forum and told us both to stop. I was already done so I left the forum completely. The other user however continued to harass other users, including the ones that had come to my defense. These users also retaliated against the angry outbursts. This lead the user with the problem to ask to have her account dropped. This lead to her being called out as spouting hate in other pms. She then said that I was harassing her. The mod said that I went behind his/her back after s/he told us to stop. This isn’t the case, but I was banned that day, on my Vinersary, without a chance to defend myself. What I think made it worse is that the mod was just telling everyone that came to my defense to drop it.
Two years I have been on the site, I tried to be one of the better users, but it is clear to me that I have no place here. If someone that would qualify as a n00b has the power to get me banned, it seems that my two years of loyal service means nothing.
So I think it is time that I give up entirely on Comicvine. As another user said before he left, he got to emotionally tied to the site and to be told that his contributions were worthless put him to far over. I think I share this sentiment now. I put so much into the site and to receive not even a small amount of respect back seems ridiculous to me. So I am leaving the Vine now. Unless I get an apology from someone about what had happened around the time of my ban, I don’t think I shall return.

This is what i wrote the other day. I still think I should post this but now say that because of G-Man, who asked me why I was leaving after a tweet, my feelings may have shifted. Part of the problem was that no one was listening to my side and I thought I was unfairly treated. But for G-Man to actually take an interest made a world of difference.

As of right now I do not know what is going on with the status on my "temporary" ban, if I was allowed to state my case and could still be banned or if it is all behind me. Depending on that, I may still leave the site.

But again, I would like to say thank You to Tony for his help and care.


Should Transonic Date Zero?

Pretty simple question. I think that most teams have some sort of couple in it. But I don't want to get into the "They shouldn't date because that has nothing to do with ACTION" Argument. Frankly I find this a poorly made argument. So lets table that.

"Mom, Dad, this is Kenji. He's an Artist." ~Transonic

Originally I thought the Transonic and Velocidad were going to be paired off, I was surprised when they insinuated that he and Hope may have a relationship in their future. The more I think about it I like those two together a lot more than Velocidad and Transonic, Hope and Velocidad have the whole aged out of synch thing in common. Velocidad aged when his powers activated and Hope when she was in stasis.

"Well its better than Santo" ~Transonic

But going back to the main point, I think that Transonic and Zero have formed a pretty close relationship already almost against Hope. They came together after Primal's Trial and we see them bonding after she fought Hope during Schism.

I am curious to see what people think about this idea. Both have the odd physical form, with Transonic being blue and occasionally gooey, and Zero being Zero. Both have above average intelligence and seem to be able to talk on a level that I think would be lost on many of the other students. I think the pairing would be an interesting twist for the Five Lights. I know that it may come off as Teen Drama, but I think if it was handled well, it could be really interesting to see unfold.

I think there is something interesting having them together in the same panel

On the other hand, I think that a really close partnership would be just as interesting and it wouldn't be going the obvious route of having them date. For many comics opposite sex friends have to lead to a dating relationship and that isn't the most realistic outcome. They could easily just be friends and never have it cross that line.

So, if it were up to you, which would you chose? Would you like to see how an official relationship between Zero and Transonic played out or would yuou prefer them to just remain friends and have that close partnership on the team.


Mutants and Non Mutants on the X-Men/Avengers

So I started with a simple theory.

It was something that I think has been said in the forums in some way before, that the X-Men have a lot of non-mutant members and that the Avengers have very few.


So I actually went through the Team listings of both the X-Men and the Avengers and I made two lists based on the non mutant X-Men, and the Mutant Avengers.

My results were that the X-Men did have more Non-Mutants than Avengers did mutants. I just looked at the Earth-616 teams and I did use some discretion about who counted as a team member. But the X-Men did have a couple more than the Avengers did. Given that the X-men can count a few more members than the Avengers, one could argue that it is proportionally, but to get a real sense we would have to go through and take out all the non 616 members because this could be affecting the total members number.

Another possible issue is that I counted Humans that are former mutants as Non-mutants. I think that this is justified.

Another little tidbit of information that I liked was that 30% of the Mutant Avengers have been X-Men in the past 5 years. While only one of the Non-mutant X-Men was at one time an Avenger.

If I missed some characters that you think should have been on the list, let me know and I will check it out.


Micro Blog 24: Backgrounds Elixir

After the news article that showed Wolverine starting the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning it made me want to incorporate that into my current Young X-Men Micro project.

So I wanted to see what people thought about the Background Switch that I might be doing.

Elixir Before
Elixir After

(PS Thanks to the artist that created the Symbol I used for the background.)

So I had started making the New X-Men with the backgrounds like I did X-Factor Micro Set (Had a couple done) But I kinda like the new idea of the background and relevant words.

So I am looking which looks better. The left Elixir is actually on the worse side of the student micros with that background.


Micro Blog Set 23: Evolution of My Micros

So this is a blog that I have been meaning to make for a while. Just to show how I have improved as a Micro Artist.I actually was able to seperate my Micros into several periods.

First: Precurrent Era.

So this was mostly me making the costumes for characters that I created. The quality is really bad by my standards today. The last two in this group are actually supposed to be Sophie Cuckoo and Quentin Quire. Long Story but pretty bad. I was still canabilisling other peoples work pretty bad.

Second: Current Era (Excuss the names)

I make the distinction between these two because the quality improved. This was also the first time I made a micro that was not in the standard stance. If you noticeI tried to find some that matched between Era's. So the girl at the far left is the same, the blonde guy is supposed to be the same, and then the two brunettes are the same respectively. At the very end is Gertrude and Nico from the Runaways.

Third: Post Current Era

This is all that is left from this period. I had all my micros on a flash drive that went missing and these were the ones that I actually uploaded to CV at the time.

Fourth: Neo Era

This is what most people have seen. I actually was going to quite after my flash drive went missing but then a great user (Ryonslaught) Requested that I make a Jamaican set (#2) which started me up again. The first image was the future X-men, the third is included because it has two of the girls from before, Control and Foreveress, Fourth is Mato a one issue character that was the first time I used a background, fifth was a fun effect and a gift to Dark Huntress, the last was a great team shot from AoX.

Fifth: Modern Era (Best name)

This is the one I am just starting. I think I am finally getting good enough that I am OK with my work.I think this is going to be a new time for my Micros and I hope that everyone likes them. Oh and if you sat through this I wanted to throw a new one in :)

Now I am going to delete the bad ones from my gallery.

If you like my work and want to see what else I have made check out this list

Or if you want to glance through my portfolio