Micro Set 5c: Blue Team

Blue Team was going to be focused on the Mutant affairs of the world.  

Hellion's Team
Lead by Hellion, with Loa, Rockslide, Armor (yeah, tht was supposed to be Armor), Trance, and Carter (I don't recall him being stated as depowered so I'm Betting he comes back.)    

Micro Set 5b: Gold Team

My plan was that the X-Me would split into official teams with rosters and similar uniforms again. Gold team was supposed to be the super hero team that the world needed, not just mutant affairs.  

Surge's Team

Lead by Surge with Prodigy (who is being recognized as the skilled warrior genius that he is), Elixir (Full control, but not all there in the head), Bling (Kinda like muscle but not super strong, they still have Gentle in reserve, but he stays out mostly cause of the medical issues), Match (basically the Mutant Torch), And Pixie ()More magik, but a lot darker).      

Micro Set 5a: The Red Team

For my forth set I looked to the future and decided to make the New X-Men as adult, full on X-Men.  

Anole's Team
Lead by Anole with Greymalkin, X-23, Mercury, Dust and Cipher.  
Red team was supposed to be darker almost X-Force like. Dust and Mercury help ground the team though. 
I actually tried to make a teaser Image
Teaser Image :)
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Micro Set 3: X-Factor Forever

Partially came out of boredom, and partially because I really liked the first two issues, so I decided to make the team. The original goal was to make X-Men Forever, but then I decided I didn't Like it emough.  

X-Factor Forever

One of the reasons this image is a Fav of mine, is because it reminds me of the actual art style. Ofcorse you may not see it, but somehow I was channeling Dan Panosian. I still can't believe I made those wings, like WOW, that was scary        

Micro Set 2: X-Porters

My second set just kinda happend by accident. Happend during second coming and I ghad made a Nightcrawler just cause I wanted him as an Icon, and I didn't even give him a normal one of his uniforms, but it worked out, twice.  

Porters Memorial
Illyana: Limbo Kidnapped
Ariel: Died in car exsplosion. 
Kurt: Actually teleported around an arm, never thought he was serious about the teleporting thing.  
Vanisher: Shot after teleporting to his girls.  
Then, The Cracked Genome pointed out that Pixie is a Teleporter :O  
I forgot Pixie 


Sooooo, minor tweeks, making Pixie, which came out pretty good.    

Micro Set 1 & 4: Jamaican Pride

This is the Micro set that I made for Ryonslaught and the reason I didn't give up on my Micro making.  

Jamaican Pride

This is Drew McIntosh (Middle Guy) 
His Enemy Shadowcatcher (Cape Guy) 
Jet, A DC hero I gather (Green Fire) 
Hairbag, a Nasty Boy (Hairy guy, almost didn't make, he guilted me) 
Dee Jay from Street Fighter (The shirtless Guy) 
 All on the Jamaican Flag  

Dread and Alive

This is the set that I made later, for Ryonslaught, but just Dread and Alive characters.  
Drew again 
Shadowcather moved and stuck out his tongue 
Leading ladie Brandy Savage 
Gryphon, another villian, and white I learned after making him.    

From Yearbook to Obituary


For those that remember the New X-Men v2, we saw the Squad system that made little teams of X-Men. A lot has changed since those good old days, We had M-day/ Decimation, Civil War, Messiah Complex, Moving to San Fran, Secret Invasion, The transition to Utopia with the battle against Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men, and now with the return of Hope, let’s see how the New X-Men have changed since their primary worry was the field day competition.   
May Contain Spoilers


New Mutants 

Prodigy: The strategist of the team, he was depowered as of M-Day. He was about to leave when the Stepford Cuckoos gave him all the knowledge he had ever had. He had his heart removed and broke up with Surge after she made out with hellion. He joined the X-Men in San Fran and seems to be one of the X-Men’s resident smarty pants. He was close to break down during Second Coming.
Surge: She lead the New X-Men. She went to Dani when the X-Men broke up, and joined them in Utopia. She has just hung around until she was kidnapped by the Leeper Queen and almost killed by the legacy Virus. She stands with the X-Men as the Battle for Hope comes to a head.
Wind Dancer: She too lost her powers on M-Day. She became a waitress in New York. She was approached by another former X-Men and friend, Jubilee to join the New Warriors. Originally Sofia didn't want to, but after being attacked by the Zodiac, she decides to join. She took the name Renascence. She stayed with them until the team eventually broke up. Her current whereabouts are unknown.
Elixir: After being unable to heal his friends after the bus attack and losing Wallflower, his powers took a much darker turn. He killed Stryker and only got back his gold when he was forced to heal X-23. He was given all the medical knowledge he could possibly need by the Cuckoos. He joined the X-Men in San Fran and joined the secret X-Force lead by Wolverine. During his time with the team, he gave Vanisher a Brain Tumor, he has been told to kill and he has saved. During the events of Necrosha he was forced to kill his former rival Wither. He has lost some of his powers control. He left the X-Men after that and was not around when Hope came back from the future.
Wallflower: Killed after M-Day but retained her powers, she was revived in a sick attempt to make a Bio sentinel that was merged with the alien race the Brood. She was defeated in her Bio sentinel form.
Icarus: He died after having his wings removed by Stryker. He let Stryker take his wings because he thought it was the only way to save his friends, but instead he caused many of their deaths. He has mostly been forgotten.  



Hellion: The former Hellion leader joined the New X-Men. He fought with them against Nimrod and tried to save his friends in Limbo. He and X-23 had a mutual crush on each other and together went to save Mercury while she was with the Facility. During Messiah Complex he was stabbed through the chest by Lady Deathstrike. After the X-Men split up, he went back home to find his parents gone, abandoning him. He went to the depowered Magneto, but he turned him down. When the X-Men reformed in San Fran, Hellion joined them. During his stay he was kidnapped and injected with a deadlier version of the Legacy Virus. He was saved by Elixir and X-Force. He stood with his people against Prop X, A law that would make Mutant breeding illegal. He fought the Dark X-Men and was taken out by his Former advisor Emma. Recently, while fight Nimrod Sentinels, his hands were burned off, his future is unknown.
Rockslide: Joined the New X-men and was thought dead because of Nimrod. He reformed and had a new body. He was taken to Limbo and left with a new Body. When the X-Men broke up he was recruited by Peirce, pretending to be Cyclops, and joined the Young X-Men. The team was short lived as they X-Men regrouped in San Fran. He would go on the occasional mission, and was sent to the bridge during second Coming.
Mercury: Shortly after M-Day, She was taken by the Facility and her flesh was extracted and used to make the Predator-Xs skin. She faught Belasco in Hell and with her fellow New X-men during Messiah Complex. She joined the X-Men in San Fran, she was attacked by the Hellfire Cult and stood against Dark Reign. Her father was used by Osborne against the X-men and almost killed. She was with Pixie when they Huffed Pixie Dust and thought they were going to a Dazzler Concert.  She fought with the X-Men during Second Coming.
Dust: She joined the New X-Men and later the Young X-Men. She almost died because of Magma, and almost betrayed the X-Men for Peirce. She is later told that she is dying but is saved by Ink. She joins the X-Men in San Fran, but has been seen very little.
Tag: He was depowered by M-day and was killed when a missile was launched at the school bus that was taking him off the school grounds. He was buried at the institute because his parents refused to take him back. When the Hulk came for the Professor, Mercury stood by his grave and told the Hulk about the young man that died when all he wanted was to be liked. His death still weighs heavy on Hellion.
Wither: He left the X-Men after he withered Laurie’s arm. He was found by Selene and joined her in her Inner circle during Necrosha. He became a psionic vampire and servant to Selene. He attacked the X-Men when the Inner Circle went to get the Blade. He almost killed his former teammate Dust but instead killed Onyxx when he went to protect her. During the final battle on the Necrosha/Genosha island, He was killed by Elixir.  



Match: Match was not selected as a New X-Men but did put up a heck of a fight when he was taken into Limbo. He joined the X-Men in San Fran and rioted when Prop X was debated. He was taken in by the Dark X-Men. He is with the X-Men fighting the Nimrod Sentinels during Second Coming.
Pixie: She had part of her soul taken by Illyana. She joined the New X-Men and now could teleport. When she went to San Fran she was attacked by the Hellfire Cult and beat severely. She then was taken back into Limbo and lost more of her soul. She bacame an Official X-Men when she stood with them against the Dark Avengers. We meet her mother when Pixie was kidnapped after huffing her Pixie Dust. Cyclops was reluctant to use her on the field during Second Coming but sent her into Limbo again, this time to rescue Illyana. She is convinced to due so by Anole, who tells her that even though she hates Illyana, the X-Men would save her, because that’s what X-Men do. In Limbo, she does save her.
Trance: She was Kidnapped by Nanny and rescued by Wolverine. She joined the X-Men in San Fran and during the riots about Prop X she was attacked and lost control over her powers, half in her body and half out. She was saved by Rogue from Ms Marvel Dark Avenger counterpart. When Bling! was taken Hope was the able to help get her back, again teaming with Rogue. She has joined the Hellbound Team to rescue Illyana during Second Coming. She came back to Earth when her powers ran dry.
Wolfcub: He was chosen as part of Peirce's Young X-Men and would eventually be killed by him.  
DJ: Died after being depowered. He was on the buses that were hit by the Purifiers. Elixir was unable to save him, even though he was not quit dead when he was found.  
Preview: She was depowered by M-Day and lost her sister to the Purifiers attack on the students. 

Alpha Squad 

Anole: He was not originally selected to be a New X-Men but after the events in Limbo, where he lost his right arm, Rockslide said that he would leave the team unless they let Anole and Pixie join. When the X-Men split, Northstar, his former mentor was sent to check on him. During the conversation, Anole seemed very anti-X-Men and ends up elbowing Northstar in the face. He rejoins the X-Men when Dani asks after the Young X-Men team is taken from Pierce.  He fought many battles with the X-Men. When the events of Second Coming began, he was part of the team that was sent to get Illyana back from Limbo. The team was separated and he had to team up with Cannonball, who Anole didn’t like. He lives through his second trip to Limbo with all Limbs intact.
Kidogo: Although unconfirmed, he is assumed to have been on the bus of students that lost their lives when forced to leave the school.  
Indra: He was not selected to be a New X-Men. He had a freak out when it was determined that he was the youngest student at the school. He rejoins the X-Men when the go to San Fran, but does not fight because it is against his religion. That was, until the riots over Proposition X. He was attacked by H.A.M.M.E.R. officer. This caused an internal conflict because his religion forbids hurting another living creature. Rogue tries to help him through it and together they find out that his powers are much greater than previously thought. He does not fight during Second Coming, but instead stays with the wounded.  
Rubbermaid: She died in the Purifiers attack on the school.
Loa: She was taken to Limbo and was attacked by Predator X’s but still did not join the New X-Men. During this time, however, she did begin a romantic relationship with Elixir. When the X-Men regrouped in San Fran, she was with them. She was there when the riots happened and when Sack went nuts. She threatened Warpath when she wanted food and was unfortunately with Deadpool during Necrosha. During Second Coming she had little fight time.
Network: She was the sister on the bus when it was destroyed. She was killed in the blast.  


Quill: One of the few mutants to have retained his powers after M-Day, he was killed when the purifiers attacked the school. When Ms Marvel came for a visit, to tell of Icarus’s death and to get the X-Men on the Pro-Reg side of Civil War, Emma uses Max’s death against her, making her see max in the casket as she lie next to him.
Specter: Another to have lost his powers, he was said not to be on the bus when it was destroyed after M-Day.  
Dryad: After the heartfelt goodbye she had with Mercury, she is killed during the bus missile attack.
Three-In-One: After M-day, they began to use their powers to actively help their fellow students, they gave back all Prodigy had ever known and gave Elixir the medical knowledge of Beast.  They join the X-Men in San Fran and work a great deal with cerebro. Their powers become a great deal stronger and can even fight of Kid Omega, the villain responsible for the death of their sister. During the battle with Predator X’s the Phoenix force trapped in their hearts is released. They become teachers on the island. 
With all of this happening in the space of the year after the School ended, Wonder how many will attend the 10 year reunion. Around a third has died.     
One year being determined because it was stated that Kitty was gone for about a year in comictime. She went bullet phase at the same time as messiah complex and came back not to long before Second coming. This would lead me to estimate a year and a half at most.  
This list also does not take into account the other students that were at the school, but not in the year book.

Me and I'm Gone

I was gonna wait til I had an updated Picture and do something similar to what fbdarkangel did, but I don't get photographed to often :P 
I'm Mato, Chicago native. College student. My icon, I made that. I make Micro heroes of the characters I like and appearently take requests. If you like I have some posted in my galleries. I am a Marvel, and almost eXclusively X-World. X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force and even New Mutants.  
Hmm, what else do I want to say... Yes I am a guy, you don't have to be a female to be a feminist. I have funky hair, I was trying to bleach it white and got a nice blonde going. I plan on moving to Canada one day, just cause Canada is awesome. I love Asl (American Sign Language) Song videos. I'm studing Pysch and Soan. I am biromantic Asexual and yes that is kinda fun to say. 

That's basically what I look like. ============>
I am rocking the neck beard. 
Anyway, I love the X-Men, Top five X-Characters: Jean, Northstar, Madrox, Iceman and Anole. With Nightcrawler and Gambit just barely out.  Love Second Coming. I don't hate Emma as much as when I first joined. I do laugh out loud at the one liners in comics and I might tear up occasionally at really good writing, *sniff Icarus,  
And now the Good bye part. At the end of May I will be leaving Comicvine for Two months to study Poverty in chicago and self-concept. Basically how being poor affects the way the person views themself. I'll be back mid August. Love the Vine, but I won't beable to visit to often and possibly not at all. I also won't be able to read any comics and will miss the end of Second Coming :-/  
So, for the friends I have made, I'll miss you. For the people I don't really know, sorry we didn't become buds. And the people that urk me, may you lose an arm or a soul in Limbo.

Indepent Female Characters

I was talking to a friend (female who is a die hard feminist) and she asked how many independent strong female characters there was, I told her quit a few, she accepted this (by the way, I am exculssively Marvel, so this is aimed more towrds what I have experirenced reading those titles).  
Ms Marvel Is definately a stronger Character than Cap
   Then she asked how many were based on male characters, Ithought of the female characters I knew, well, there is Ms Marvel, based on Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman=Spider-man, She-hulk=Hulk and even Wasp is in certain ways an extension of Pym.  
X-Women, All seem pretty Unique.
 When I was done going through the list, I realised that the strong female characters that were really created as their own person, seem to be Mutants and most of those are X-Men. Exceptions being chacters like Scarlet Witch and Firstar, but both seem to have their ties to the X-Men.  But going through the list, Jean, Storm, Rogue, Emma all mutants, strong female characters and none are truely based on an existing male character.  
Does anyone else see this? Am I just overstating something that isn't really that big of a deal? 

Luckily I knew enough DC to mention Wonder Woman.  
And with the new generation growing up fast, we see the Young Avengers and Young/New X-men. I see a similar pattern here too. Stature and Kate Bishop, both strong, but basically femal versions of male characters. X-Men, Surge, Dust, Mercury, again, they seem more original. Are women outside X-Men doomed to be in the shadows of the male predecessors?  
My first blog ever, hope it ok :)