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This seems appropriate:

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*sigh* This just furthers my reasons why I don't read Batman anymore. It's pretty sad that a fanboy excise for why he can do anything is becoming a legitimate reasoning in the comics.

Well, would YOU want to try to explain all the myriad ways Batman's trained and prepared himself to survive in an alien environment at any moment? Or would you just go, "He's Batman." and leave it at that? That's IF Bats has told Supes why or how he can survive there.

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Wow, I didn't know Lobo was in this movie! He looks awesome! And apparently he's going to fight Aquaman and steal his trident? Sweet.

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@the_stegman said:

Yes, they were. Both Ghost Riders, both Fantastic Four. Spider-Man 3, X3, Wolverine Origins, Blade Trinity, Iron Man 3,etc.

That's not fair: If I'm remembering my bulls*** correctly, and I'll grant, I might not be, only one those flops ARE actually Marvels. Ghost Rider and Spider-Man belonged to Sony, while the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Blade are all on Fox. True, you could kind of chalk it up as their fault for selling off the rights, but they themselves didn't make the movies or have any control over it, so you can't really blame them. Whereas with DC's flops, that's all on them.

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@sodamyat said:

Its cool man, you dont have to agree. We'll see soon enough. When he said "I see you little thing", thats when it made me think its him, Im almost sure it will be. But again, its cool if you dont agree.

What about the fact the hand is clearly wearing gloves? They have a metallic luster, no fingernails like Satanus' and in the final panel you can SEE that they're gloves, not skin. So did Satanus decide to don some nice gloves?

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@astro_zombie78 said:

I want this movie to do well, but I just have this feeling it's gonna suck. You never know right?

You are not alone, dude. I SO want a good Deadpool movie, but I have my doubts about whether or not this'll be it. With it's prolonged development hell, lack of information, the X-Men Origins 'Deadpool', I just don't know whether or not to get hyped for this. The CGI trailer was good, but it's the only kernel of gold in a steaming pile of crap.

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Am I the only one who appreciated Robbie Amell's acting in this episode? Specifically, after he gets his act together? Thought he did a good job of portraying a man of Stein's age in a young body, with his mannerisms and tone. Also, the device taking the form of Firestorm Matrix's symbol was a nice touch, hope they have a reason to keep that.

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@smart_dork_dude said:


You ever wonder if Superior Spider-Man was all a ploy so when they started swapping out other characters, like Wolverine, Cap, and Thor, people wouldn't complain as much for exactly that reason?

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That would probably work,actually. xD but as a regular Joe, how would you even go about doing that?

That's pretty easy, actually. Or at least, not as hard as you'd think. All you'd have to do is find Axel Asher, dude's alias is Access. He controls dimensional travel SPECIFICALLY between the Marvel and DC universes. Granted, he gets around, so he'll be tricky to track down, but given the resources available if you're willing to look in the DC Universe, won't be too tricky. After that, just convince him that if you stay in this dimension, you're DEAD, and he should let you cross.

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Everybody's talking about the black Johnny Storm and I'm just sitting here realizing they left Ben naked. Ben. The guy ashamed of what he looks like. Is walking around without a stitch.

... You ever see those fan redesigns that look cool and edgy and realistic, but completely lose the characters themselves within the redesigns? This reminds me of that.