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Faux-Bo? What a Lowblo to fans.

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So I'm looking for something very specific. I recently read a webcomic called 'Strong Female Protagonist'. Surprisingly, it starred a super strong female protagonist. And it awoke within me a realization about comics I'm interested in: Ones that aren't really superhero stories, but have superpowered protagonists.

Meaning, superpowered people trying to deal with pressures of being a person with these incredible powers in a fairly normal world. Yes, I know: MARVEL! But no. The types of stories I'm talking about are about a superpowered character dealing with being a person in the world with these incredible powers, not a person becoming a superhero but a person really dealing with having superpowers. For further ideas, another story I'd place in this awkward subcategory is Irredeemable, where a Superman stand in snaps under the pressure and stops being a superhero. Another would be Rising Stars, which again focused around superpowered people trying to live a normal existence in spite of their incredible abilities. And another would be the recent Jupiter's Legacy, which featured the kids of superheroes dealing with growing up with these amazing powers and their parents superheroes (poorly). I realize I'm probably not really clarifying, and I kind of can't any more, so I'll just cut to the chase.

If I'm making any sense whatsoever, hopefully you know what I'm going to ask: I'd like some suggestions for more comics in this narrow and awkward subcategory. Due to how nebulously I've defined this, if you even THINK a suggestion might fall into this category, tell me.

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WRPG's, for two simple reasons: 1) JRPG's are a dime a dozen. WRPG's, particularly good ones, are far more rare. 2) JRPG's tend to be turn based, and I don't like turn based.

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I'm just picturing Carnage singing on that cover:

"And I'm proud to be an American! Where I can kill so freely! With a symbiote, in my blood! It just feels good to me! And I'll gladly tear out! Your organs! And mount them where all can see! 'Cause there ain't no doubt, I'll kill you all! Today just ain't your day!"

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... Why is Superman, solar powered Champion of truth, Harbinger of hope, standing in the dark and rain on the ground?

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I respectfully disagree. Personally, a big part of what I've always enjoyed about these two characters is how well they compliment each other.

Despite their differences, they have a distinct chemistry between them that neither of them seems to have with any other character.

Oh, I agree with you. When I posted that, I was just starting out on the Vine. Just really getting into comics. I'd only had large encyclopedias that summarized character's down to their abilities and basic backstory before. Now I've read so much more, so many actual comics, expanded my brain with so much useless information and comic trivia! I now know that Wolverine and Storm totally have chemistry, and they're a pretty good match for each other.

That said, I prefer Nightcrawler and Storm, personally. Simply because more Nightcrawler is always good.

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Fact: Every gay person dies. Seems like a good argument to me.

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That scratch is so photoshopped it's laughable.

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It's Lex F***ing Luthor. Of course he can't.

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About two years. Changed it once. To what it is now.