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I like it but I wish there was more colour. I'm worried that the Justice League will look too dark. The Avengers looked especially cool onscreen due to the variety of colours.

People keep complaining about color, but if you've seen Man of Steel, you can see this is the tone they are going for in this universe. The MCU has very brightly colored heroes, it's lighthearted and fun, the DCCU is going for a stark, bleak world with very toned down colors, it may not be flashy/flashy, but I think it's just as good as the bright MCU and a good way to separate the two.

Oh, sure, it's a great way to separate the two. I won't argue that. What I will argue is context: Superman is NOT, I don't give a F*** what age you're going with, STARK. OR BLEAK. His costume is ALL PRIMARY COLORS, DAMMIT. BATMAN can get away with stark/bleak. That's why his image is the only one that really looks appropriate here. Wonder Woman looks more appropriate because she's still got some color, but look at Superman. Look at him.

Standing on a rooftop. Middle of the night. In the rain and the dark. Let's play compare and contrast:

Here is the Batman v. Superman picture:


Y'see the difference here? Batman, you want to make him stark/bleak? Fine. Let's go for it. Wonder Woman? Alright, she kills people, the Greek myths were dark as f***, we can make it work. Superman? LOOK AT THAT GUY. LOOK AT HIM. HE IS ABOUT AS BLEAK AS A DAISY.

I actually liked Man of Steel, and in all honesty, I'm probably going to like Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. And yeah, the tones do provide a nice contrast between Marvel and DC. But darn if it doesn't depress me to see that guy over there turned into the guy above.

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Hnnngh... First he apparently travels the world, learning to be a bada**. Then he learns not to kill, starts trying to become a hero. Then he fights against Deathstroke and the League of Assassins. Now Ra's Al Ghul is coming to town. If Ra's calls him Detective, I am DONE with this show.

... If however, Ra's MENTIONS a Detective, and how the Arrow doesn't measure up, I'm good.

Also: "You don't want to compete with Batman Begins, even though we've always said Batman Begins was a big influence on us," he says.


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Why is Donatello so much skinner than the others? So because he's smart he must not do as tough of training as the others? I'm pretty sure Master Splinter wouldn't let him or any of the rest of the turtles get away with that. What, you can't be smart and muscular at the same time? C'mon...

Perhaps it's more to the tune of 'they all train the same, but have different interests that effects their builds'? Mikey is always skateboarding and running through the tunnels, which beefs him up some more due to the regular exercise. Raphael is constantly just beating at a sandbag or something and sparring with Leo, hence why he's the biggest. Leo trains with Raph, but also meditates or something, so while he's big, he's not AS big.

Donatello's hobby, on the other hand, is purely mental: Fixing up computers and gear. Nothing physically strenuous at all.

So while they all train together, some of them still get more physical activity than others, and so get bigger/more built.

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@lvenger said:

They're probably going to weaken Thor and make him grungy, edgy and angry. Probably Aaron's idea to set up the transition to King Thor unfortunately. And if this is how the badass King Thor is made, it's too high a price to pay for me. This is not interesting to me in the slightest. I do not want to read about Lady Thor, She Thor or Thorita, I have other unique female characters at DC and Marvel for that. I want to read about THOR and his adventures. I want to see how the 9 realms war develops, I want to see how Thor deals with the impact of The Last Days of Midgard. I've lost my faith in Aaron by his compromise of allowing his editors to talk him into making a new female Thor character. Tell me how this fits into Aaron's overall plans and direction for Thor and I guarantee you'll struggle to do so. My favourite Marvel title has been soiled by Marvel's foolish and pretentious marketing schemes and I won't stand to read a storyline that is based on such foolish and inane editorial interference. I'd rather read the continuity butchering New 52 than continue reading Ms Thor being solely defined as a female version of Thor rather than being her own unique individual character. If you want to read this stuff, go ahead but if you like bad ideas and poorly conceived marketing for gender equality, I can't see why you like this idea in the first place.

You and I... We're never going to be friends, are we?

Lvenger, we've danced this dance before. You have a perfectly valid point of view, this is enough to break your faith in Aaron and enrage you, I have one too in wanting to wait and see how he does it, cut him a little slack, and neither of us is willing to concede to the other.

I think I'm right for being willing to wait and see rather than jumping at his throat for it, you think you're right for pointing out all the ways this is indescribably stupid pandering. I get you, I was right on this same argument back when the new Wally West was revealed: Pandering for the sake of pandering, changing an established character for no reason, putting an old, much loved name on a new character just for the aforementioned pandering and by so doing slapping the fans of the old character in the face. I get where you're coming from, man.

The difference this time is Aaron: I want to see what he does with this. Where he goes. God of Thunder is one of my favorite comics at the moment, maybe ever, it's an epic story that brings to mind legendary ballads of yore. And if this is where the story goes, I want to see it. If you don't? Fine, I completely understand. The new Wally was completely disgusting to me, I can definitely see how a new Thor, especially this Thor, would be the same for you. You don't have to sell me or explain to me WHY you find it awful, why you believe it's a bad idea and such: I get it. I know. I understand. I've been in your shoes, said your words, felt your rage. I've been on that side of the line and know exactly how you feel.

It just so happens that this time, I'm falling on the other side. And we both know by now neither of us is ever going to move the other, because we both think we're right to stand where we stand.

... I really hope you and I find a common enemy one day. Someone we can gang up on and tear apart as a team. I bet it'll be a thing to see.

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@lvenger said:

Come now, I'm sure I don't have to point out to someone like you how obvious of a PR stunt this is. The way it was introduced, the audience they're aiming for and the intended shock value etc. This is a PR stunt intended for shock value and temporary promotion. Furthermore, it's the fact that Aaron's run has been so good which makes it even more of an outrage. Is there anything the new female Thor offers in terms of story creativity that cannot be done with the original male Thor? And how does it fit into Aaron's future plans such as the 9 realms War.

No, no, I get it. Yeah, it's a PR stunt. Undoubtedly. What I'm saying is, Aaron's been good to us, maybe let's cut him some slack and see what he DOES with this PR stunt. This 9 Realms War thing, for example. The new Thor is new because Thor is no longer worthy of wielding Mjolnir. That is interesting to ME because it implies something happens in the 9 Realms War, Thor does something that MAKES him Unworthy. What could that be? What could possibly make THOR Unworthy?

A good writer can make a good story out of just about anything. And Aaron's been VERY good. He's shown a lot of respect to Thor, really expanded his universe and told some epic tales of legends past, present and future. So if someone tells me he's going to be writing a female Thor? Yeah, I'm going to go, "What a PR stunt." Then I'm going to say, "Show me."

Do I LIKE the idea of replacing Thor? No. Am I excited to see a female Thor? Not really. Am I excited to see what Aaron DOES with a female Thor, how he mixes it into his storyline, how it effects the real Thor, and how this new Thor deals with being in the shadow of greatness? Oh, hell yes. Thor's got huge boots to fill. Just recently, he's the Hero of Broxton, Creator of Jarnbjorn the Celestial Slayer, Bleeder of the Executioner, the God Who Killed the Godkiller, and future King of Asgard.

Tell me that a story of someone trying to fill those boots can't be interesting. And tell me that you know they're REALLY going to abandon Thor himself. He's got a lot of power without Mjolnir still, no reason he can't wander without it. If Wolverine has multiple books with his name on them, no reason Thor can't. I can see how all of this could be the beginning of great stories, from Thor wandering Mjolnir-less, to this new Thor trying to fulfill all his duties and live up to his name, or perhaps strike out on her own despite everyone throughout the Nine Realms holds her up to Thor's standard. And I trust Aaron to see it too.

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Aaron's been good to us thus far, and these kneejerk reactions, no matter how justified they seem at the time, invariably seem silly later on. I'm willing to give him some leeway and see what he's planning before declaring it a disgraceful PR Stunt that doesn't fit in with his plans.

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so its set in sanfrancisco but it looks like its taking place in japan. Was that a post production choice or something?

'SanFransokyo.' Presumably, a fictional mix between San Fran and Tokyo.

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@renchamp said:

Browser? Operating system? And allow me to channel my inner Pikahyper: Have you tried clearing your cache?

Works fine in Firefox, guess it's a problem with Chrome.

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@renchamp said:

Is it still happening? Because I can't replicate it.

Yep. Still happening. I tried with the other Latest Stories, and it's the same on all of them.

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Whenever I click on one of the 'Latest Stories' on the main page, the article shows only the title and subtitle, before skipping straight to the comments with none of the actual article itself. Like so, courtesy of This Week's Essential Comics:

When I access it from the Recent Topics forum, however, it's fine, if a hassle to find. What's going on?