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Secret 'Warriors'? Not Secret Avengers?

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It'd be interesting if they used Punisher to test Daredevil's conviction in a different way than Fisk did: With Fisk, the test was NOT to kill him, despite really wanting to. With Punisher, the test is to SEE how things can be improved by crossing that line, at the cost of ones own soul/morals. See a drug dealer forcing kids to push his product? Go ahead, break his arms, knock out some teeth, put him in a hospital. You're just opening that alley for someone else. But you put a bullet in his head, then put some more in every other dealer he knew? That alley looks a lot less appealing.

Put simply: Daredevil might see that killing could actually solve problems, and thus rather than be tested merely by wanting to, will have to consider whether or not the consequences of letting his enemies live is worth his own moral highground.

Could get even more murky if they bring back Stick and his plotline. Maybe show what Black Sky could have done had Stick NOT killed him.

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Wait... They're doing the origin of the Joker... Even though the only part of his origin that's generally agreed upon is that Batman tried to stop him from committing a crime, and knocked him into a vat of chemicals... And this is WAY before Batman's a thing... What?!

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I feel like Sony's just waiting for Marvel to get back the public's good faith in Spider-Man movies, then they're going to yank the rug out and go, "M'kay, I think we can do that good enough without giving you a cut. Later!" Or at least make it as one-sided as possible by heavily dictating how and where Spider-Man can appear in the MCU while taking every MCU easter egg in THEIR movies they can get. That way, if you want to see Spider-Man in the MCU, pretty much the only way to do it is to see their movies. And if you want to get all the info about the MCU, all the little easter eggs and details? Still have to see their movies.

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And what exactly are we trying to stop? The man from exploding or the explosion from doing much damage?

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That interview bordered on parody, with Romita's remark, “You can’t turn him into a badass the way the Dark Knight is. You can’t do it. So we did it anyway. What the hell?" Being the highlight. It's like somebody looked at all the sensational things DC and Marvel have done for the last decade or so with comics, black Wally West, Female Thor, the New 52, Superior Spider-Man, DC's entire Cinematic Universe, and so on, and decided to make a faux interview to parry that sort of thing, talking about turning Superman into Batman.

That said, this interview is SOOO much better if you imagine while the interview is going down, and the journalist is making notes of everything Romita's saying, Yang is sitting beside him looking straight at Romita with a wide-eyed thousand yard stare, mentally screaming at him, "SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP."

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It's always nice to know Tennant's still getting work.

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I'm curious how this will fit into the Pixar timeline.

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That is the most grizzled Cable I've ever seen. Which is great.

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Wait, she's also working in Hell's Kitchen? Well, that should be interesting after the events of Daredevil. And given what we know about SHIELD's Index, consider me intrigued. Not too sure about the actress though...