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I won't let myself believe anything about this movie until I see a trailer. I've been hurt before.

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I'm tempering my expectations because of the prequels, and even began the trailer thinking, "DON'T get excited. Reserve the hype for things more safe, like Age of Ultron."

But d*** if seeing the Falcon didn't make me grin uncontrollably.

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@dondave said:

Since when does Deadpool pass out from a stab wound? This is the same guy who continued talking with a knife in his head.

He's messing with her to make her pull the knife out. Why have her pull it out when he's perfectly capable himself? To FURTHER mess with her.

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... This needed to be confirmed? I thought the blue skin would have been a dead giveaway.

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Step right up, folks! Place your bets! Gimme a name and number on which side character you think is gonna die and how many episodes you think they'll last!

But remember: This is not a "I want this character to die" betting ring, no sir, it is a "Constantine is a slimy, backstabbing death-trap and so everyone around him dies" ring. We do not predict their deaths because we hate them, we predict their deaths because Constantine is a motherf***er.

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WOW.... How am I not interested in this AT all? Like, it's Supergirl! That's cool! I guess... I mean, her character hasn't been great recently, basically been a spoiled child, she's not really as interesting as Superboy (in my opinion)... She doesn't really have many villains of her own, pretty much all the villains she DOES have or would fight have already been seen and done on Smallville, which one also imagines her power usage will draw heavily from in the effects department... Even the main team she was a part of was done in Smallville, the Justice League of America.... Come to think of it, does she really have anything to offer that hasn't been done already in Smallville, just with Superman? She has her powers, apparently, right from the get-go, but they're just Superman's powers.

... Now I know why I'm not interested in this at all. Ah, well. Least I've got Daredevil, Power Man, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and the Defenders to look forward to.

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'An incredible Hulk story'. I don't know how I feel about that joke, but I feel something. So I guess it's art.

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Y'know, when I saw the DC planned lineup, I felt nothing. Then I felt anger. When I see this, I am bouncing in my seat in joy and excitement.

This is going to be good.

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I am counting down until the lady dies. I'm not even going to bother remembering her name. She's dead. It's coming. If she makes it through the season, I'll be very disappointed.