DC Comics: A God Complex


Welcome to my new project,

A God Complex


As a personal tribute to DC's many classic 'elseworlds' stories, A God Complex serves as the DC Universe as I see fit. Inspired by the wonderful works of such stories as

Kingdom Come

, I hope than my view of such classic characters can entertain you as much as I have done so thinking tirelessly about it. This list, as with many others, is essentially nothing more than what I would like to see within the DC Universe, and how I would like to see it. This is not to say that this is but another angry fanboy rant about what I think DC are doing wrong, but rather a showcase of what I would do with these characters if given the chance. Personally, I see no problem with the way in which DC are running their universe (any more so than any other companies are, anyway), but I see no other way than making this list to get my voice heard.


I will only write about the characters that I change the most, as a lot of DC's established history will remain the same in my version. As such, I will not attempt to write about all the major characters for which I see nothing to contribute to or change about the status quo of. This is based on the assumption that the reader understands the basic concepts behind the foundations of the DC Universe (as in the backstories of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc). It is worth noting that a few characters that I would reinvent may not have, nor be entirely related to the subject of the attached page, but I have nonetheless tried to find the most relevant one to the subject in question.

Anyway, without further ado, I shall begin my list...


The list shall be broken down into the following sections:


(1 - 8)

Global Guardians

(9 - 20)


(21 - 34)

Justice Society / Earth-2

(35 - 42)

Mystery in Space

(43 - 46)

Doom Patrol

(47 - 50)

Champions of Angor / Earth-8


(1 - 2)


List items