DC Characters that need a film

These are characters and teams from the DC Universe and related imprints (Vertigo, Zuda, Wilstorm etc) that need an appearance in a film, even if it is just a cameo. I know some of these already have been in films but I would like to see them again.

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Posted by Multiplus

Good list. 
Hawkman,Metal Men, Spectre,  Wonder Woman, Wildcat etc are great choices for future DC movies. 
If it can work for Green Lantern, then why not?
Posted by Purgy

Hrmm Shocking Suzi sounds like a good ideal for a movie maybe, but this is a very good list.

Posted by dngn4774

A Swamp Thing movie would be perfect for DC.  Especially if they could get Alan Moore to write the script.  But lets face it, it's dc.  They'll make 5 more batman movies and 4 more superman films before they think outside of the box.  They seriously need to give the Flash is own movie too.