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Moon Knights Back After His Ill Fated Trip To The City Of Angels. Can Warren Ellis Get Him Back On Track? 0

The GoodThe first word that comes to mind when describing Moon Knight #1 is cinematic. But I don't mean that in the sense of high octane explosions but rather this book has all the mood and style of a great crime thriller. It almost feels like you're reading an X-Files episode written by James Ellory. It's almost like a pilot episode for a TV-show (Imagine that, huh?). A big part of that is the amazing art by Declan Shalvey and the masterful colouring by Jordie Bellaire. Moon Knight or Mr. Knig...

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The Professionals 0

This is probably the best 1# of the new 52 so far, I had mixed feelings going in to this because I wasn't sure if the premier super hero team of the Wildstorm universe would fit in to the DCnU because lets face it they do stuff different in Stormwatch than the JLA.    I was scared in case they where going to water them down and turn them in to a generic super hero team but after reading it my worrys fell away because it feels just like a Wildstorm book a bit weird, a bit bad ass and a bit smart ...

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Homefront 0

This is a fantastic series, of course it is a Vertigo title so what do you expect. To start off with I have to say the art is amazing, Riccardo Burchielli and Brian Wood do a brilliant job of giving the book a gritty urban look it almost looks Banksyish in places and that suits the story down to a t.    In the near future America has split in two, one half  is the USA the other calling it's self the FSA or the Free States of America and caught inbetween is the island of  Manhattan the "DMZ". Cl...

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