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Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Not a Rick fan I take it?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@jonny_anonymous: Fair enough. You must have been gutted about what happened to Glenn then.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Edited by johnkmccubbin91

@jonny_anonymous: Have you started reading it again as it's started to get very good again? I myself was also upset with his death, but I could understand the need for something drastic for the 100th issue, and he's probably going to get the most reaction bar Rick and Carl, and it'd kind of kill the series to kill Rick, and Carl had already been through some trauma so it'd be harsh killing him.

Posted by lykopis

Another great list (and I am not so ignorant of the characters this time.)


Posted by Chaos Prime

Top stuff once again Jonny :)

Posted by fables87

Josephine is one of my favorites right now. She's just so interesting. I guess I like her cause you always want to know more about her. Or maybe it cause she has the power to control men.