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Posted by Wolverine08

I can't support a favorite mutant list that doesn't feature Wolverine! *Flips table*

Posted by cosmicallyaware1

Interesting..way cool my boy colossus is up there. Surprised at the lack of wolvie also...

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by Wolverine08
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by Chaos Prime

Nice list but no Bishop??

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@chaos_prime: hm Bishop should probably be on the list actually

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@chaos_prime: hm Bishop should probably be on the list actually

Hes in my all time top ten.Bad to the bone, smart, great shot & power set that makes him very unique imo :) Shame he hasent his own on-going :(

Posted by Project_Worm
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Omgomgomgomg -- epic list is epic! You even have Pete Wisdom on there! Very, very nice.

@jonny_anonymous: Daken is a bastard child! :D

Hold up there, darlin'. Daken is no bastard child. His momma was properly married to Wolverine. He might have been called a "mongrel" by his adoptive parents but that was more to do with his mixed heritage. I am disappoint.

Posted by Edamame

I love most of these characters.

Good list. :)

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Voted up just because the list does NOT contain Wolverine in it!

Actually i voted because it's a very good overall list too:)