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@dragonborn_ct: It'll be fine, I'll just conjure a bunch of Seekers and use the sword to refil my health.

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I don't like how Selina is going to be so involved in Bruce's early life.

Well it's not like we will ever see the later life, so it's either we have these characters now or not at all.

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I have no problem with the holding cells being in the same area as the police, I mean it was set up the exact same way in the Dark Knight movies.

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@capfanboy: <sigh> There's something wrong with you. Still, I read it, so...added to my FF Long Box - Authors. :)

Don't act like you don't love it

I did read it. Your stories grow on me with multiple readings. They sort of wear me down, like... <gasp> a cult!

No! He's figured it out! Capture him my minions!

I'm on it master!

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Dem LOLz

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@dragonborn_ct: Yeah but that sword I gave him was the closest thing to Stormbringer I could find. I mean there is the Ebony Blade and that took direct inspiration from Stormbringer but I never liked it very much. I've got the RP down pretty good though. To simulate Elric's sickliness and physically weakness like in the books, I've gave him vampirism but not Vampire Lord just normal vampirism that cuts his health and stops health regen and since Elric had to rely on potions to keep himself alive before he got Stormbringer I'll be maxing out alchemy and using blood potions to keep the vampirism at stage 1. I'm also using the atronach stone and will be combining that with the apprentice stone to make him weaker but all this will actually make his magic stronger.

Also I know I said I was going to stick with just this build but I've decided to do two, one light and one dark (although Elric is not evil). Shadow of Mordor has inspired me to do a character but instead of playing as the Bright Master Celebrimbor greatest smith of the Second Age, I'm going to be playing as Craftlord Kagrenac greatest architect of the First Era.

@dragonborn_ct: You seen this yet? It's pretty cool.

No male Qunari tho :(

Qunari ftw! But why no male tho?

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@dragonborn_ct: Neither, he's actually an Ayleid lol Born an albino he was once the sorcerer-king of a long isolated faction of Ayleids who lived on an island in the Topal Sea and like all Ayleids have, they worshiped Daedric princes with Hermonas Mora chief among them, they all practiced magic and even had a pact with the dragons that slept deep below the island. Eventually Elric's cousin who thought he was weak usurped the throne and tried to have him killed but Elric escaped and with the help of Hermonas who bestowed a gift of Stormbringer on him. The Black Blade Stormbringer sucks the life out of those it kills and uses it to strengthen it's wielder. Now Elric travels Tamriel building his power so that he may return and take back his throne.

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It's kinda baffling how Christianity started out as a middle eastern cult and ended up as the most western of all religions it is today.

The answer: Christians fulfilling the Great Commission as intended by Jesus.

That's not really what I'm talking about...

You may be confused about an explanation because you've tried to group Christianity with all the other religions; with that approach, you'd naturally have quite a few fundamental misunderstanding of Christianity; there's a reason that so many people believe Christianity is uniquely special.

I guess no religion wants to be lumped with another one or the rest, otherwise, I guess they must feel like they lose their uniqueness, that they are the one true religion, and only their path must be followed. I guess that must be one of the big differences between spirituality and religion.

That's mainly Western thought though.

I'm unaware of any mainstream Christian anywhere on the globe who wants Christianity just grouped with any of the other religion.

I talking about how everybody likes to ignore that Christianity is a middle eastern religion

Technically true, but Christianity was intended to be spread to all nations, in accordance with the Great Commission.

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@jonny_anonymous: They also ignore that it also could be boiled down to a sect of Judaism (Jesus was a Jew, built on the Jewish belief system and that roughly half of their holy book is pretty much the foundations of the Jewish faith) and was treated as such by other civilisations around its founding. I mean they share roughly half of their holy book with at least two other religions.

We don't ignore our Jewish back ground, especially since Jesus said He came to fulfill the Mosaic Laws. Christianity only have is roots in common with Judaism. This is something I've already said in multiple posts in this thread (e.g. Christianity is meant to have its roots in Judaism).

Also Zoroastrianism

I never heard of that until now, so that tells you something; the Bible has no references to that term or religion; any connection is an extrapolation that no theologian agrees with; just because another religion has an overlap with Christianity doesn't mean that Christianity endorses the principles in that religion; Judaism is the foundational history of Christianity, however.

It's older than both Christianity and Judaism. You not having heard of it means nothing.

The Bible references religions that were older than Judaism, but, simply being older does not follow your implication that Judaism copied that religion. Judaism was a religion implanted by God Himself; although there may be overlap, that does not lead to the extrapolation that Judaism copied the religion; Judaism is a unique religion implanted by God.

I think you need to do more research on Zoroastrianism.