From The Mind Of Spiderbat...(#1)

Well I don't often write blogs but I am going to start using it as a sort of diary, it's basically going to be me rambling on about stuff in my life so its not really for other people to read (although you can if you want), it's just me putting down the things floating about in my head in to words. 
A few weeks ago I finally had enough of this crap, that's right I signed off from the army, I'v got four weeks left and I'm back to civvy street and it cant come any faster. To be honest I was never cut out for military life, I knew that going in to it but at that time there wasn't much going on in my area and my step-dad was an ex serviceman and he had a way of making it seam like the answer. 
So there I was off to basic training in the south of England and I hated every minuet of it. At this point your probable asking your self "If you hated it so much why didn't you leave?" Well have you ever started something that everyone said you'd never finish? I have an overwhelming need to prove people wrong, to say that I am stubborn is an understatement so when I heard people back home where saying stuff like "Ocht he wul never dae it, he's no hard anuff" and "That boi's a waster he'll no hack it" (Apparently where I'm from if you finish school and go to collage instead of going on to do some apprenticeship or trade in some manual labour then your a waster) well I just had to make it then didn't I? 
When you join the British Army you have a certain amount of time to "Drop Out" and after that times up your signed to a five year contract, after my drop out time was up I knew instantly my stubbornness had got the best of me. Sure there are other ways to get your self out the Army but once I was in I had a responsibility and all I had to do was play the waiting game. 
It's true that I have done some cool stuff while I was in the Army, I'v travelled all over and been to places a lot of people have probably never seen before but every day it just feels like your missing out on life. Not being able to go home I ended up missing loads of stuff, my nephew being born (both of them) two holidays to Ibiza and one to Moscow also when you travel it's pretty hard to start up a relationship that's actually going to last.  
One of my biggest gripes from being away most of the time is when I finally got home so much had changed, it made me feel like I didn't fit in any more, every one was talking about stuff I had missed or hanging out with people I didn't know, It's pretty hard to get used to. 
So here I am four weeks to go, planning on going back to collage to study IT and wishing it would just god damn hurry up. 
*End Of Ramble* 

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Yeah, you should definitely go back to college. 

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Yeah, you should definitely go back to college.

Yea thats the plan anyway.