Galactus and his heralds vs x men

You can make your own roster for the x men if you want ( or you can simply say that every x men member counts ). Every character that CURRENTLY is in the xmen or CURRENTLY is a herald COUNTS. CURRENT power levels AND powers for each CHARACTER. Characters are in CURRENT full power(THE maximum power currently possible). EVERY character fights opponents to DEATH. ( BFR (battle field removal) does not count as a win). I will NOT be making a roster. Fight takes place in GRASSY field. IT is COMPLETELY empty. ( The only thing in it is GRASS NO TREES). Stupid annoying inappropriate and off topic comments are NOT ALLOWED. Stupid rosters also are NOT allowed. Made up rosters can NOT count FORMER members. WHICH GROUP WINS!!!!!!!

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Galactus and his heralds vs jsa and jla

Every current character counts Current heralds Current galactus Current team members Current power levels for each character Every member that currently is in each team counts Every one fights opponents to death no BFR does NOT count Fight takes place in grassy field Field is completely empty except for grass You can make your own roster up and tell which group will win or you can count every character in each team I will not be making roster Characters are in full power Example : superman is sun dipped and galactus is not hungry Which group wins

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