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Justice League Generation Lost #16 0

While the boys do the monster mash with the Creature Commandos Ice tries desperately to keep Fire's flame a flickering. Elsewhere Checkmate and Batman have doubts about Captain Atom's culpability in Magog's murder.  The Good So much to like this issue, first of all let's start with the cover. The cover's really nice and has some great depictions of the Creature Commandos, I especially like the Frankenstein on it. And The Black/White/Red color scheme stands out without being too flashy. it has a ...

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Justice Leaue: Generation Lost #15 0

Nate's back from the future and is very, very pissed with Max. Speaking of Max, he isn't the only one the world's forgotten. In a deliciously ironic bit of poetic justice nobody besides he and the JLI remember Wonder Woman, that's really gotta throw a big monkey wrench into his plans to you know...kill her and all.   The Good So much to love about this issue, but let's start by focusing on the writing. I'm no fan of Judd Winick, but he's been freaking electric during this series. He has a great ...

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Schyeah...I quit. 0

Normally I give my reviews in a good, bad, verdict format but this go around I have to break from that to explain why I'm dropping this very popular title. It's not a bad title, however, I just have too many personal issues with it to ignore them any further. I usually give a title an arc (3-6 issues) before I drop it and this issue has made it clear to me that it's time for me to move on. The problems I have with this series are clearly going to be the status quo for this series or at least thi...

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Because Seals Can't Even Cry :'( 0

Big Bangs and dolphin tears...  The Good First of all I've got to say that the highlight of this book were the interactions between Deathstorm, Prof. Stein, and Alvin Rusch. Deathstorm's a sadistic bastard and makes himself into a villain you'll love to hate. The joy he gets from psychologically toying with them is palpable. He uses Alvin Rusch's guilt of being an absentee father superbly to torment him. Deathstorm really shines when he describes gruesome ways in which he wishes to torture Fires...

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Has Potential But Needs Fine Tuning 0

Batman and Peacock (yeah, really) do battle with Sensei and his faction of the Demon while trying to recover her kidnapped brother, Luki. I-Ching makes an appearance in this issue and gives a little info on the history of the mystical object at the center of all this mystery and mayhem.    The Good Sensei is wearing Sun WuKong inspired attire...there are no words for the levels of awesomeness this entails. I'm a HUGE fan of Journey to the West, so I applaud Daniel highly for this.   I-Ching make...

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The Power of Oa Compels You!!! 0

I wasn't too wowed with how the last issue went down, to say the least. But boy, oh boy does business pick up here!  Johns and Mahnke are both in rare form here. The Good So much to like here, for one there's the art work. Mahnke really does a great job here and his pencil work flows ever so fluidly with Johns' narrative. There's a perfect synergy betwixt his pencil and Johns' pen in this issue that's rare and wonderful to behold. His Parallax Flash looks truly, truly fearful. There's just somet...

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Tim Goes Bond 0

Tim Drake takes a little trip to Russia to do some business for his Neon Knights foundation, while Red Robin continues tackling targets on his hit list. He's one step closer to his goal as he and his team make headway towards opening the gateway to the Unternet.   The Good  During all of Morrison's Batman run I felt Nicieza, more than any other writer, had a firm grasp on all the characters in the Bat Family and their world. He continues to show this with his run on Red Robin. I like seeing Tim ...

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Birth of a Rogue 0

No Barry Allen, this is Captain Boomerang's show and does he ever earn the leading man role. Digger has questions and he intends to get answers from the one man who can answer them. But his drastic actions may put him at odds with his fraternity of fiends and have deadly, unforeseen consequences for The Flash. The Good There's a lot to like about this issue. For starters Scott Kolins artwork is a nice change of pace from Manapul. If Manapul was born to draw The Flash then Kolins was made to brin...

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Dreams Deferred 0

This issue jumps 25 years into the future with the JLA gathering on mars to celebrate the 25 years of peace that Green Lantern, J'onn J'onzz has brought to Mars, and the universe. However, triumph turns to tragedy as one after another someone starts gunning for the League's big 7... The Good Johns and Tomasi really put their feet into this one!!! (southern colloquialism, look it up) The dialog in this issue is some of the best I've seen in a hero comic in forever. Every single exchange of dialog...

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World's Most Lethal Woman, World's Most Lecherous Loser 0

Natasha tries to fend off  her mysterious foe's deadly attacks and her charges clumsily executed sexual advances...  The Good Zack mentioned last month that he wasn't a fan of the capes being included in this seemingly grounded, spy thriller and I agree. Fortunately their time in the issue is short and they exist to provide the world's deadliest woman a fight scene to prove just why she is that. Speaking of action sequences, Garcia's art's been a bit uneven but he really shines when penciling Na...

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Shadow of The Bat 0

Batman returns to his detective roots when Dick investigates a crime which leads him into a web of intrigue and deadly secrets  The Good I'll be the first to admit that I'm a HUGE Batman fan but in the past year I've grown past sick and tired of ol' pointy ears. I mean between Batman & Robin, the main title, The Return of Bruce Wayne, Road Home, Inc., Streets of Gotham, and The Dark Knight he's surpassed Wolverine/Deadpool levels of overexposure. Thankfully, Scott Snyder's grounded detective...

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Mutants Can't Get AIDs!!! 0

There's a flu pandemic breaking out on Utopia and it's threatening to take a few big guns out of the picture. Meanwhile, due to the islands quarantine a foe from the X-Men's past makes a power play to replace them with his own team of mutants.   The Good If you didn't enjoy/didn't read the 5 Lights story arc then this is a good jumping on point. Fraction wisely detaches his latest narrative from his past arc allowing for a story that's accessible to new readers. He even gives Emma a nice little ...

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