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Thus far the story is cliched as all get out (rarely play a fighter for that though). BUT, the game play is GREAT! Really think the system is fluid, easy to pick up and play, but appropriately difficult to master. All the characters I've tried out thus far feel properly realized in the game as far as fighting style and abilities go.

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I can see what G-man is talking about, seeing Thanos like just doesnt feel right. Wont say the issue doesnt do what its trying to. It does , very well I might add, but in my opinion this isnt the Thanos we all know and love and I felt it was a bit too close to Anakin from the prequels not to mention the allusions to Hitler are kind of heavy....

I would have prefer a confident kid, not evil but not caring ether rather, him being more philosophical about how things are and how they come to an end...thats just me though. Also I was bothered by how the people of Titan acted.. the kids especially..if it wasnt for the clotheing i would have expected to see this on a school play ground pretty much any where.

I really feel like Aaron far and away misses the point of who Thanos is and why he appeals to his fans the way he does. I'll not be reading anymore of this story, even if Bianche's drawing it.

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Sold out soooo quick at my shops...sigh.

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Dig the costume, move list seams pretty appropriate despite a few too many physical attacks for my taste. Only major issue is the voice...that's

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Looking forward to this game, cool cameos

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I'm fine with this. Honestly there was really no other way I saw this ending. Especially if you've read Morrison's entire body of bat work up til now. I trust Morrison to properly send kiddo off and personally I've never found spoilers to ruin a story for me. People really ought to stop throwing HOEmotional bitch fits about it. It's the world we will in now. Deal with it or stay off of forums/news sites. Anyways, it's all about the journey not the destination.

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@BumpyBoo: I need to watch this again, very fun film.

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@Trauma: You, sir, are one sharp dressed man. Props. Also A$AP Rocky always comes off as very down to earth and likeable in interviews. I trust he's so in person?

Chilling at a lounge with one of the grooviest and most talented brothers I know Nick Brewer of the Reggie Sullivan band. If you dig a fusion of jazz/rock then definitely look these cats up.

VDay 2.0 (we're making a whole weekend out of it) with the lady friend

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@noj said:

@DeadPan: Im not even going to bother commenting on the rest of your rant but Batman Inc DOES take place in the current DC universe. Batman and Robin has referenced the bounty on Robin and the latest Batman and Robin solicit specifically mentions that it will be dealing with fallout from Batman Incorporated.

Plus in Inc. #1 Damian killing NoBody is referenced explicitly.