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#1 Edited by JonesDeini (3859 posts) - - Show Bio problem with this comic is that from the start, it's just been a rehash of ideas from Kingdom Come and The Authority, while pretending to be something brand-new and revolutionary. The fact that what happened to Grace in this issue is pretty much just an inversion of what happened to Wolverine in Old Man Logan didn't help.

Bingo...I'm overall enjoying this, and it's the only recent Millar work I can say I've cared for. However it does feature its share of his distracting Millarisms. At least there's been no rape...yet.

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This in a nutshell explains why you don't purchase these sorts of games when they're first released. Just wait a few months to buy the version that has all the DLC on the disc, and likely at a lower cost.

That's what I plan to do for ARKHAM ORIGINS. That should be out just about the time the last story DLC is released. Just what happened with ARKHAM CITY.

@shadowx: That's like calling Wednesday. They were obviously going to do a DLC version.

Bingo, and yet I did this go around. I thought I'd learned my lesson with Capcom and their babbage. D'ohwell. I've pretty much DL'd everything I felt was worth it so this version has nathan to offer me.

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Highly geeked for this, folk.

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Solid summer flick, that's all I expected honestly.

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Welp...I can finally properly vent my hatred of Jason Todd...

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I'll be back next week, I think this' an interesting take on the mythos.

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Finally, disappointed in his super move. Wish Jon was a separate character and not just a skin.

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Darkseid/Orion, Martian Manhunter, Catman, Ragdoll, Tim Drake Robin, R'as Al Ghul, Atrocitus, Arsenal, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Plastic Man, Black Manta, Deadshot, The Shade (Because why the flush not?), Big Barda, Scandal Savage, Cheshire

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I don't get all the Batgirl hate, before Zod she was my favorite DLC. I suppose she fits my play style though. Zod's great though. I'll have to give him a few more spins, but I haven't felt the clunkiness issues some are mentioning. I feel that once you get the timing of his combos/range of his special moves down he's a blast to play with. He's pretty well balanced and feels like Zod should to me, I'm quite impressed with the move set and how they made him truly feel like a unique character. Only complaint I have is that costume. I may just buy that MOS skin if it's legit gonna happen.

On a side note, anybody actually get that email for the Arrow Skin?

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