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Laura Kinney, Conner Kent. Out of those two Laura wins. Other than these two characters clones suck. There just a lazy device for writers to explain away deaths or ride the coattails of a popular character. 

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Gonna have to agree with you, I think the mainstream audiences will forget about this during the layoff. It's gonna be Caprica all over again, folk. Also I've gotta say I don't like the direction that the series is going into. I think it's deviating too far from what makes the comics such a great story. 
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This is a great list of titles, I'd have to 100% co-sign all the stuff you've name checked here. I have the first 3 Deluxe Y The Last Man trades, nearly all of Sandman (missing the side stories, great as they are) in trades, and Preacher is one of the greatest works of literature I've read...period. I need to get the rest of Fables/Transmetropolitian. Another series I'd suggest is Mike Carey's Unwritten. Which is an amazing, amazing, amazing title. 

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Word, I love the fact that he has a Thanos copter lol
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Marvel acting purely in the pursuit of profits?! Aghast!!! What a shocking, and disillusioning revelation :P 
As far as Marvel's stuff purely to sale toys stuff goes, Brute Force should come back!!!  
As well as Marvel's kool aid man comics, yes...that happened. And now that I think about it I actually had the spider mobile toy  
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Sounds like something I should look into 

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Tabernacle Preach, I hate that about X-Men. Sinister's a dope villain. But please stop using him as a deus ex machina!!! Her origin is good enough. Marjorie Liu's too good a writer to resort to something that cheap though. I'm sure Sinister'll play a big part in this next arc. And that's fine by me, I can very much so get why she'd (he?) be interested in X-23. 
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This and all those other Iconic runs you mentioned are things I need to read asap.

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I like that The Punisher ages, but yeah. When he get's too old that's not gonna work. That's when it's time for period tales. That's why having heroes so closely tied to real world events is a double edged sword. I tend to highly enjoy things like Kingdom Come and The Watchmen because they deal with how things change from one decade to the next. I think overall though, it depends on the character. Some people can't work apart from their traditional origins, Cap is a good example of that. But as was said in the article, the man from a different time angle always works with him. I for one would love to read a character from inception of their hero career to the end of it and maybe a Dark Knight Returns styled back on the scene theory.  I would actually like to see Peter Parker GROW UP!!! That was happening for a while, and I wish it had kept on going. Maybe I'm a bit weird but when I think of Peter Parker I always think mid to late college aged/early adulthood. 
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Oh god no...