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Oh god no...

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LMAO. John Stewart>>>Jason Todd, though I admit that he's a better character in the DCAU than in comics. This is due to writers generally shafting him (and just about any other lantern) to focus on good ol' Hal. That being said, not even good writers can make Jason Todd worth a damn, he was an idiot when he became Robin and should've died sooner. As Bruce said, he treated it like a game and that's what got him killed. Jason isn't even worthy to lick the boots of Dick or Tim, shoot, I'd even rank Damien above him. His life was meaningless and his only value was in his death, because it gave Bats his edge back and opened the gates to the wonderful Tim Drake era. When he returned it was as a bitter, HOEmotional, lil' boy with daddy issues. And frakin' Squirrel Girl would make a better Robin than him, but hey, at least he's no Stephanie Brown.
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@RiddlingGambit said:
" Even when she isn't 'Joker's girl' she is partnered up with Poison Ivy, or the others mentioned. She just hasn't ever really been written as an independent force. Part of her fractured mentality is her dependence on the approval of others, on her on & off boyfriend (Joker) or her girlfriends (like Poison Ivy). She's not really respected though, & not too well written in comics. She's just become very familiar a character & fan favorite due to her TV, video game exposure but she's yet to really become a character of real range & depth. "
You are correct sir!
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@HexThis said:
"  Harley, like a lot of women involved with abusive and criminal men, oddly feels a sense of security and safety around Mistah J. because he embodies the characteristics of the most significant men in her life- her brother and her father. Harley's brother takes her money and doesn't respect her at all and neither does her father. As a matter in fact, her father upset her so much she became involved in the field of psychiatry to understand why he treated her so horribly....which led her to the Joker who gave her the validation no other man ever had. It probably felt so good to be let in on his life, Harley will always be more apt to want to deny his mistreatment of her or try to rationalize it.   Harley's also really troubled with psychotic thoughts and anxieties, she's always listening to different voices, who knows what they'll tell her if she sees Mistah J once again and he has a proposition.  I love Harley though, she's awesome.    "
Nail on the head. Harley's a text book abuse victim. I don't want her back with the joker, however, it wouldn't be unreasonable for her to return to him. Like most victims she has a genuine love for her abuser and has a deep psychological need for him, abuse and all.
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Bong, bong!
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Tabernacle preach, man. Honestly, Jason Todd having a fan base will NEVER make sense to me. I really feel that brining him back was one of THE WORST ideas in comics. We killed the bastard for a reason...
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Indy for me. When mainstream comics produces works as thought provoking and daring as Watchmen, V For Vendetta, Preacher, Sandman, Asterios Polyp, Y The Last Man, Walking Dead, or the Unwritten...then we'll talk. 

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Tim is easily the best Robin, can't ever give anybody else a consideration. Dick was the original but Tim will always be the Robin I Think of. And I laugh at anybody who thinks Jason Todd was a good robin or even a good character period.

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Where I totally missed that, and why? I mean Havok/Polaris have what reason to do this?