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LMAO. John Stewart>>>Jason Todd, though I admit that he's a better character in the DCAU than in comics. This is due to writers generally shafting him (and just about any other lantern) to focus on good ol' Hal. That being said, not even good writers can make Jason Todd worth a damn, he was an idiot when he became Robin and should've died sooner. As Bruce said, he treated it like a game and that's what got him killed. Jason isn't even worthy to lick the boots of Dick or Tim, shoot, I'd even rank Damien above him. His life was meaningless and his only value was in his death, because it gave Bats his edge back and opened the gates to the wonderful Tim Drake era. When he returned it was as a bitter, HOEmotional, lil' boy with daddy issues. And frakin' Squirrel Girl would make a better Robin than him, but hey, at least he's no Stephanie Brown.
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@RiddlingGambit said:
" Even when she isn't 'Joker's girl' she is partnered up with Poison Ivy, or the others mentioned. She just hasn't ever really been written as an independent force. Part of her fractured mentality is her dependence on the approval of others, on her on & off boyfriend (Joker) or her girlfriends (like Poison Ivy). She's not really respected though, & not too well written in comics. She's just become very familiar a character & fan favorite due to her TV, video game exposure but she's yet to really become a character of real range & depth. "
You are correct sir!
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@HexThis said:
"  Harley, like a lot of women involved with abusive and criminal men, oddly feels a sense of security and safety around Mistah J. because he embodies the characteristics of the most significant men in her life- her brother and her father. Harley's brother takes her money and doesn't respect her at all and neither does her father. As a matter in fact, her father upset her so much she became involved in the field of psychiatry to understand why he treated her so horribly....which led her to the Joker who gave her the validation no other man ever had. It probably felt so good to be let in on his life, Harley will always be more apt to want to deny his mistreatment of her or try to rationalize it.   Harley's also really troubled with psychotic thoughts and anxieties, she's always listening to different voices, who knows what they'll tell her if she sees Mistah J once again and he has a proposition.  I love Harley though, she's awesome.    "
Nail on the head. Harley's a text book abuse victim. I don't want her back with the joker, however, it wouldn't be unreasonable for her to return to him. Like most victims she has a genuine love for her abuser and has a deep psychological need for him, abuse and all.
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Bong, bong!
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Tabernacle preach, man. Honestly, Jason Todd having a fan base will NEVER make sense to me. I really feel that brining him back was one of THE WORST ideas in comics. We killed the bastard for a reason...
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Indy for me. When mainstream comics produces works as thought provoking and daring as Watchmen, V For Vendetta, Preacher, Sandman, Asterios Polyp, Y The Last Man, Walking Dead, or the Unwritten...then we'll talk. 

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Tim is easily the best Robin, can't ever give anybody else a consideration. Dick was the original but Tim will always be the Robin I Think of. And I laugh at anybody who thinks Jason Todd was a good robin or even a good character period.

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Where I totally missed that, and why? I mean Havok/Polaris have what reason to do this?
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Kyle/Yost's X-Force is the superior book. Overall better writing and better characterizations. Like you guy's said it had more of a team vibe to it. It also had a better team. This team's too small. I see how in special ops that could be an advantage but it's just too imbalanced. It's made of blades/stabbers more or less. And it's lacking in support. The original team had Logan/X-23/Warpath/Wolfsbane for close quarters combat. You had Domino for sharp shooting, Elixer as medical support, and Vanisher (albeit reluctantly) as transport. That's a well rounded team of personalities and abilities (even the 3 ferals all fought uniquely). One thing that bothers me is that. Domino/Elixer aren't on this new team. I mean they were both 100% behind the idea of X-Force. I could see Warpath/Wolfsbane (who was traumatized by her experiences) leaving the team. But not Dom and Elixer. Fantomex is a great character and like an earlier poster said a thrill seeker. He's always looking for some way to occupy his time and a challenge so I get why he's doing this. I also sense that he's looking for some place to belong, he was made to be a weapon and I think this is his attempt at finding a purpose and maybe, some friends. Deadpool being here is "for the money" but I think that he like fantomex is also looking for some place to belong. After his infiltration of the Skrull base he joined the X-Men (well tried) but was rejected by Cyclops and the others. You could see that he was genuinely hurt by this. His tactics were too violent and extreme for the X-Men's peaceful public image and and he almost caused a huge PR fallout for the team. However, in the end he made things work out for the best. Despite this he was still more or less told to take a hike and to NEVER come back to utopia or San Francisco. Despite wearing a mask, you could still see the pain on his face and see in his dialog that he was deeply hurt by this rejection.  
As far as this book goes, I have two major issues. The first is the characterization of angel. Though in all fairness this was started by Kyle/Yost. I understand the reemergence of the Arch Angel persona. However, I think it undercuts all the character development that went into angel prior to this whole messiah War/2nd coming time span. in the old X-Factor days, Jean did confirm Angel's tech-organic wings did have a psyche of their own and were an extension of his darker, more violent side.This "death" persona was strengthened by his both his overt/subconscious blood lust. But over time angel conquered this and returned to his original state. I can understand how X-Force's mission's violent nature, the general threat and stress he lived under and his wings being savagely ripped could serve as catalyst for his transformation, but I don't like it. It's just not very good writing. That is the one Misstep in Kyle/Yost's run to me. And it's sad to see Remender follow up on that development and even make it a focal point of the series.  
My next issue is with Apocalypse. I'm not so much angry at him being a child, as him being a child who must be taught.  It's not like ol' blue lips hasn't manifested as weaker forms before (I mean in one future he takes the form of an old lady!), but the one thing that remains constant is that HE KNOWS who he is, and what he's all about. He need never be told his origin or what he is!!! It's just counterintuitive to the character. Especially since he's being more or less trained to sic the X-Men/Xavier. Since WHEN has he given a rat's sack about the X-men/Chuck unless they specifically had material value in a scheme of his? Also, since when has he been a mutant defender, human hater? (Outside of bad writing making it so?) Apocalypse care's only for the strong. This is best exhibited in AOA, when he rules the world he establishes social Darwinism to the full out extent. Mutant or human, you can have a place in his kingdom as long as you have the sufficient strength to do so. Another problem his presence presents is that whenever he's awakened before his intended time by the Clan Akkaba he has more or less nearly exterminated all of them for their weakness of needing his aid. Why would they expect this to not happen this time. Example in the trade where they awaken him in the 1800's to defeat Dracula he does so, but also punishes his "children" for their shameful, pathetic lack of power.  This version of Apocalypse just...doesn' 
Lastly you're going against the mutant who has singlehandedly mollywhopped multiple X-Men once? And you want to do it with THIS team (note, they had/have no idea he's a kid)? Really? Le sigh, ok den, folk. There's a lot of problems with this book IMO. Yet, I have to admit my personal biases aside it's well written/illustrated. I'll eat the meat and spit out the bone and take it for what it is. I would've liked to see it go in another direction (larger/balanced team, black ops centric, focus on interpersonal relationships). I think this kid Apocalypse thing was done mainly to peak interest and boos sales because of and within itself it doesn't work. I think Remender would've had a better story had he had X-Force go after the remaining members of the FOH, The Right, or Purifiers.  I'll see how this arc pans out and if things don't improve I'll drop it.