Milligan's X-Statix

 Certainly pings on my WTF radar :) 
Thoughts/Opinions on this series? I'm thinking about diving into it sense my LCS has almost the whole thing collected in their $1 bin. 
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Posted by DoomDoomDoom

I actually really enjoyed this series. I would recommend getting the end of the 1st X-force serious since it basically leads into X-statix.

Posted by Renchamp

Yeah, start from X-Force (1991) 116 to the end (129). Then X-Statix got their own name/series.

Posted by JonesDeini
Cool. Thanks for the info, folk. 
Posted by Baddamdog

I'm gonna get the omnibus when it comes out on October, even though it's so expensive! Gonna do some saving up :)

Posted by JonesDeini
Word, it's that good?
Posted by Baddamdog
@JonesDeini: It's pretty well received, plus the awesome art :)