Let's talk Judd Winick's Power Girl...

Soooo I really like Power Girl but have never read her ongoing series. I Like what Winick's done with her in Generation Lost and generally like her in guest appearances and in events. So to all you Power Girl fans out there is it worth my while to pick up this current run? If so where should I start?

Power Girl #27
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Posted by mark5

Definitely recommend it, both her new title and Generation Lost. Pick it up when you can, its good stuff.

Posted by JonesDeini
Cool, Gen Lost was one of my favorite comics of 2010 and really changed my opinion of Judd Winick. 
Posted by entropy_aegis
I can't believe i'm saying this but Winick's work is actually decent here.
Posted by JonesDeini
He handled her quite well in her limited appearances in Generation Lost, I was just wondering if he could make that translate longterm. From the reviews I've checked out around here, it would seem he has. 
Posted by entropy_aegis
I have'nt read much (maybe 2 or 3 issues tops) but from what i read it was pretty good.
Posted by Mechanical_Ape
@JonesDeini: I've enjoyed his work on her title. It was very different from the first team, which worried me at first, but it proved to be quite good.
Posted by Duo_forbidden

I Love it. It's still missing that humor somewhat that Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray brought in their run with her, but I'm still enjoying the series. I think Judd Winick is bringing the humor back while keeping it serious at the same time.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Generation Lost is great, as for the ongoing series I couldn't tell you since I only read the first 6 issues when Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti were still doing the book.  In other words, when the book was still a lot of super-silly humor at most and not enough substance.  If fan of Judd Winick though, I say go for it.

Posted by achilles100

It's by and large a great read.  Still has humor in it, just not as broad and as based on the fact that she has...gasp...boobs!  It still brings the whimsy, but in a more superhero based style.  And it connects her with the DCU at large in a way that the first run never did.  It also develops her supporting cast and her role as Karen Starr far beyond what the first team did.

Too, Winick seems to be trying to build up a rogue's gallery of sorts for PG, even if none of the attempts have really connected all that much so far---which is to say he hasn't given her a Joker or a Darkseid of her own yet.  But what he has given her is more than she had before, even counting the first run on her series.

Posted by batman_is_god

I just came to look at the picture.
Posted by Blurred View

I don't see why it wouldn't be worth checking out. Personally, I've enjoyed Power Girl more in team settings than solo ones. I tried her series when it first started and found it just way too goofy. So I dropped it and tried it again when Winick took over.  I've stuck with it since then. I think he strikes a better balance with the silly humor so it doesn't distract too much from the drama. There is more humor than there was in Generation Lost though. So that is something to be prepared for and may not be to everyone's liking.

There are two good starting points for the series. If you liked Generation Lost, it would be worth starting from the beginning of Winick's run (#13, I think) because he did weave the series into Generation Lost a lot. It was kind of like seeing Generation Lost told from her perspective. Or there's issue #22, which takes place right after all the Brightest Day stuff is over. Winick has her rebuilding her life to set up her new status quo, so it's a good jumping on point too.

It's not one of my favorite books, but it is entertaining. I'm honestly more interested in seeing if Winick has Power Girl be a member of the new JLI.
Posted by Video_Martian

I don't read it, so I wouldn't know.  Still love PG, though  ;D

Posted by JonesDeini
She is rather easy on the eyes. 

@Blurred View
I really hope Winick get's the old band back together, Bruce included. But if he's not around I really want to see Kara with the team full time. Shouldn't be too difficult to pull off with him writing both titles. 
Posted by achilles100
@JonesDeini: And since she's no longer part of the JSA...
Posted by PowerHerc
What a great image of Power Girl!  Wow!
Posted by JonesDeini
May she never find a chest logo :P
Posted by PowerHerc
Yes!  She already has the best non-logo!
Posted by JonesDeini
@PowerHerc said:
@JonesDeini: Yes!  She already has the best non-logo!
Dead @This!!!
Posted by GundamHeavyarms

Its a great book.  It still has the humor in it, which is great, I thought Winick would turn her into another boring, gritty, angst ridden pseudo realistic superhero.  I'm glad he didn't. 

Posted by JonesDeini

I peeped some reviews and noticed that the biggest complaint was the arc that tied into Generation Lost, but as a huge fan of that series I'd recommend anybody who didn't read it to check it then reevaluate those issues after doing so. 

Posted by Mechanical_Ape
@JonesDeini: I read Power Girl, but not Generation Lost, and it was difficult to follow the story at times because of that. If you want to get the most out of it, I think you need to read both. Other than that, I don't really have any complaints about the series.
Posted by JonesDeini
Generation Lost was probably my fav comic of 2010 so I'm definitely caught up on plot points from it that will pop up in Power Girl. 
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@Duo_forbidden: Agreed.  Personally I enjoyed the first 12 issues, found them to be better because it was really fun to read. Now it's become just your another serious super hero series. Wish it had a bit more humor in the current run.  Also missing Terra and their interaction with each other. It's gotten a bit better recently but it could improve a bit more. Looks like that fun of the series will go back in issues 26 and 27, funny that it won't be written by Winick though.