Help Save Xombi!!!

So John Rozum does this Q&A thing on his page every Monday and I asked him about the status of Xombi at DC. I appreciate his forthright and honest response to my question.  
" If DC should decide to continue with Xombi at some point in the future, there would definitely be storylines which would focus on the other characters, with, or without the presence of David Kim. 

At Milestone, Dwayne McDuffie and I had talked seriously about a possible Catholic Girl mini-series or one shot, and I worked out a plot for it as well as a pretty nifty back-up feature to run throughout the mini-series. 

I also have a mini-series worked out for the origin story of Rabbi Sinnowitz which may be even stranger than the stuff that's been in the current run of Xombi. This I really hope to do some day. It's action packed and crazy. The nuns have nothing on him. 

I'd love to see the entire run of Xombi collected as a series of trade paperbacks (it would take take 5 to do it - including the current series and the previously unpublished Xombi Chanukkah special) or as a gigantic leg crushing Omnibus edition. I don't know how much interest DC has in doing this since they haven't exactly rushed to capitalize on interest by announcing any trade collections of the original run. I'm told a tpb collection of the current series is planned for next Spring which seems pretty far away when people will have forgotten about Xombi, so I don't know if that's even real.

I suggest sending the powers that be at DC a snail mail letter letting them knw of your interest in seeing collected editions of the series and interest in seeing the ongoing series return to a monthly schedule. That's how the current series came to be, so it could be an effective means of bringing it back again. 

DC would have to be blind not to have seen the critical reception Xombi has been receiving, not to mention the continuous complaints that it's not part of the September relaunch. It could be they don't care since it isn't written by one of their big guns, nor does it include Batman or Green Lantern."

Okay so you heard the man people write DC here and demand that we get this great title back...also demand trades!!!! ^_^
Posted by JonesDeini