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one of my all time favs


no one does it like ditko






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Cool cover man. What ever happened to Creeper anyways?

This is where it all started for me, way back in that little dusty shop in Junction City, Kansas 

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Lately Creeper's been part of the Outsiders. 
I definitely agree about that Batman and Robin #13 cover. Fantastic. 
ALL of the Gates of Gotham covers are superb. 

Batman Beyond #5
Batman: Hush cover
Batman: Streets Of Gotham #14
Detective Comics #847
Heart of Hush 2


 Among others…. I might need to make my own list XP
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@Green Skin: Indeed 
   JOCK'S been killing it on Detective
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classic cover 
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@odinforce: Nice one
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lol epic bump

Journey into mystery 627

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@Loki9876: Man I could make a single thread consisting of Hans' covers for JIM. She's amazing on that book. I'm tempted to get that Antman/Wasp graphic novel just for her interiors.

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100 Bullets #1-100.

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@odinforce: Ah yes, cool cover... i still laugh at the nipples though...