Best Batman Title Out?

For my money I'm going to have to go with Zack Snyder's Detective Comics, which I've now learned is going to last until at least March. Snyder has such a great handle on what makes Batman great. He also has the best depiction of Dick I've seen since he's dawned the cape and cowl. I'm going to check out Finch's work this week, I have high hopes for it. I've always like Batman interacting with the supernatural, so that concept has my ears piqued. I have 100% confidence in his art work, but it remains to be seen how he'll do as a writer. I'm most likely going to drop the main title. I enjoy Daniel's artwork but his story's tend to lose steam for me and he has too many bad habits I don't like in a writer. Overall I'd say his work is average and middling. I enjoyed some of Morrison's run but on the whole not a fan. I went into Inc. open minded, but it does nothing for me. I'm dropping Batman & Robin as well due to well, I just don't care anymore. I feel that title's served it's purpose with issue 16. 

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