Scott Snyder Breaks Down The Future of Batman...

Bout time...
Out of all the reboot news I was most pleased with how things are going to be looking in the Batman world come September. From the moment I read his first Issue of Detective I knew this guy was meant to write Batman and I absolutely love Greg Capullo's art. I'm amazed that he's gone this long in his career without doing anything set in the Caped Crusader's domain.  Anyway, Snyder breaks down the ins and outs (as much as he's allowed by the powers that be) here.

Recommended Vertigo Reading?

Vertigo is my favorite comic publisher of all time and is what ushered me back into reading comics. Not only that it matured me into the reader I am today. I've been meaning to delve back into the classic works of the company for a while now. The revelation of the "dark" line of new DCU comics coming in September really made me want to take a look at the real version of these characters before I take on their DCU incarnations. Sandman's my favorite comic of all time and Gaiman's my favorite writer (sorry Silkcuts). Alan Moore's my close second, in fact he's 1-B and I own all his essentials aside from his Swamp Thing which I will own before I die! I have a short list of things I want to read but am open to any suggestions from my fellow viners. What are your favorite Vertigo works? What would recommend? 
Things I've Read/Reading: Sandman, Preacher, V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Y: The Last Man, Dysart's Unknown Soldier, Unwritten, American Vampire   
Things I want to read more into: Transmetropolitan, Fables, Ex Machina, Hellblazer...definitely Hell Blazer. 
Things I KNOW I should've read already but haven't yet: Moore's Swamp Thing, Milligan's Shade, Morrison's Animal Man/Doom Patrol, Carey's Lucifer, Scalped, Madame Xanadu, Hell Blazer...yes I have Constantine on the brain lately.
Things I'd like some feedback on: The Dreaming, Sandman Mystery Theater


Haunt Get's New Creative Team in September

Joe Casey & Nathan fox of Dark Reign: Zodiac fame will be taking over from co-creator Robert Kirkman and signature artists Greg Capullo who will be leaving to team up with Scott Snyder on Batman #1. Looks like September is the official month of change for the industry. I'm looking forward to Casey's Vengeance mini for marvel with Nick Dragotta and as a reader of Haunt I look forward to see what direction he takes the title in.  Casey discusses his plans here.


DC's Non-Superhero Line

Too Decompressed? 
How do you think the reboot will affect these titles? I for one hope that they'll continue. I'm a huge fan of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and Xombi and both stories are just getting started. I know Spencer's "exclusive" to marvel but I've heard his contract ensures him the freedom to continue to writer Agents/Morning Glories until he chooses to stop. If I was DC, despite it's poor sales I would keep producing T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents just to say F-U to Marvel. Though realistically with all the focus on the hero line I can see this title falling by the wayside. Same for Xombi, Rozum and Irving are making an amazing work with this book, it'd be sad to see it go so early in the game. But I always did feel that both these title were too "creative" (so to speak) for DC's blood and belonged on Vertigo or a creator owned imprint. After the cancellation of Secret Six I gotta say I'm extremely worried for my two favorite DC books. 
Too Unique? 

The "Demise" of Uncanny X-Men...

Has you all asking the wrong question we all know "why" and "how" marvel could do this to us. My friends, the true question is how the hell Greg Land got this job?! How, how, how does he keep getting work period?! How much coke was the editor snorting when he said "You know who should do this event issue...Rob f'n Liefeld, baby!!!! Oh he doesn't work for us anymore? Hell, okay, how about...GREG LAND!!!! Yeah, that guys awesome. I mean did you take a look at how he draws Emma's rack?! Now THAT'S what the fans want. That's the kind of Iconography that I want to leave an indelible mark on the minds of our fans!" Seriously though how the unholy frak does one look at this 

And say that THIS is the man worthy of sending off one of our longest running, most beloved flagship titles (this time...for we all know it will happen again). 

R.I.P. Secret Six

Well the DCU wide reboot has ended an era...let us morn, brothers and sisters. But also, let us look forward the final issues on the horizon. I take joy in knowing that this title went out on top in world champion condition. I, for one, am looking forward to reading the trades of all the issues of this wonderful series that I missed out on before I started reading the book. Simone speaks on it here  


T'Challa's Fate After Daredevil's Return?

Looks like T'Challa will continue his adventures under David Liss' pen in Black Panther: World's Most Dangerous Man 523.1 in September. Jefte Palo will be taking over art duties on the issue and I like what he brought to the table on a fill in issue a few back and he'll be doing tomorrow's issue as well so check him out. He may be taking over for Francesco Francavilla who will be working with Scott Snyder on the upcoming Swamp Thing Title. I've enjoyed T'Challa's adventure's in Hell's Kitchen but would definitely like to see him back in Wakanda and traveling the world. I'm looking forward to see where Liss takes the Panther next.   


Vertigo Characters Return "Home"

My Faith restored that DC has some sense 
I'm a huge, huge fan of the Vertigo Imprint. I'll spare you a long speech and just say that Vertigo is the reason I started reading comics again. I was beyond disturbed when I saw Constantine (especially) and Swamp thing return to the DCU during Brightest Day. I was hoping that since this Exodus was unavoidable Didio et al. would have the good since to put Vertigo writers, particularly those whom have worked on said characters on their DCU incarnations. I must say I've become more optimistic about the reboot/launch in recent days. Today especially, when I heard what DC has planned for these reintroduced characters. Scott Snyder on Swamp Thing?! Peter Milligan on Justice League Dark (hate the name)?! Jeff Lemire on Animal Man?! I'm especially intrigued by the concept of Justice League Dark a team with Constantine, Shade the Changing Man, Madame Xanadu, Deadman? Could be interesting. Anyways how do the rest of you Vertigo dedicated think about this? Me personally, I'm looking forward to this little corner of the DCU, my copies of Xombi were getting quite lonely.  
 Really Dig This Cover