Thoughts on the DCnU So Far?

Man new readers felt overwhelmed. Like "Why does Batman have a son?!" overwhelmed

So now that we're halfway through the DCnU's first month I've been reading some new reader reactions to the titles. It's certainly been a mixed bag and interesting to see them. One common thread I noticed was that almost all of the new readers wanted to get an Origin issue for the #1. As a longtime reader that's the total opposite of what I wanted. In fact, had that been the case I'd have likely dropped the books or at the very least hated every moment of reading the new stories. I do agree that going with a "soft reboot" was a terrible idea, but all things considered DC's really in a tough place. I mean, is there any way to truly satisfy loyal, longtime readers while being totally accessible and appealing to new buyers?


Why David Tran Should be penciling Uncanny!!!

Because if Logan/Pete can be all over the place, why not?!
Could do without that helmet
LOVE this Juggernaut
Very Venomesque
Seriously he can make Maggot, yes Maggot look awesome!
Love this Cyke
Same for Storm
Better than any Jubilee redesign in years, and the hoodie/shades are a nice nod to her classic look
This Shatterstar looks great
Deadpool? AoX Ben Riley? Me no know, but me likey!
This should seriously be Mags new helmet
I miss Kurt

Seriously frak a Greg Land, Pacheco's solid and can look good with proper inking/coloring. but this dude? I love what this guy's doing! He needs a job illustrating something I love as much and is as important as Uncanny X-Men!