Best Batman Title Out?

For my money I'm going to have to go with Zack Snyder's Detective Comics, which I've now learned is going to last until at least March. Snyder has such a great handle on what makes Batman great. He also has the best depiction of Dick I've seen since he's dawned the cape and cowl. I'm going to check out Finch's work this week, I have high hopes for it. I've always like Batman interacting with the supernatural, so that concept has my ears piqued. I have 100% confidence in his art work, but it remains to be seen how he'll do as a writer. I'm most likely going to drop the main title. I enjoy Daniel's artwork but his story's tend to lose steam for me and he has too many bad habits I don't like in a writer. Overall I'd say his work is average and middling. I enjoyed some of Morrison's run but on the whole not a fan. I went into Inc. open minded, but it does nothing for me. I'm dropping Batman & Robin as well due to well, I just don't care anymore. I feel that title's served it's purpose with issue 16. 

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The Dark Knight And The Moon Knight

It baffles me that people still write Moon Knight off as nothing more than a Batman clone. The only similarities they have are that they both have had access to large sums of cash and they fight crime using tech because they have no super powers. That's it, nothing more, nothing less. Let's take a look at Bruce Wayne, shall we? In essence Bruce is a rich kid with problems, he's fighting crime to avenge the traumatic murder of his family. Now let's look at Marc Spector, Spector is a mentally unstable (has dissociative disorder) ex-mercenary, whom  fights crime because he believes he's been chosen as the avatar of an Egyptian god of vengeance. Now it's fair to say that both men are driven by an insane obsession, but let's look at the origins and methods of sating this obsession. Moon Knight punishes criminals as a religious duty, it's as integral to him to hunt criminals as it is for a devout Muslim to pray five times a day or a catholic to go to weekly confession. Spector is like an animal that must hunt, a predator that must prey. Batman is a man motivated by vengeance for his fallen loved ones, which develops into his obsessive war on crime. Spector is a man who's entire being is vengeance itself. No matter who it may be, he must punish however he sees fit. Now in recent years writers have fleshed out his character and made him into a  man looking for a higher purpose, for peace and redemption. and I think that's a good turn for the character. He's gone as far as to downgrade to nonlethal weaponry and do his best to avoid killing his foes. He's even joined the Secret Avengers in his hopes to keep steering in the right direction. Spector's identities aren't just a tool for infiltration and gathering information like Bruce's are (though they've served that function too). Spector is genuinely living other lives, he literally becomes an entirely new person. This both helps him to confront/escape from the challenges both internal and external that he faces in his life. Batman doesn't kill, you know accept for in a few Golden Age tales and that one time during The Cult (yeah we ALL know that he shot that guy, so save it). Knight has and does and will continue to do so when he feels he should. Batman deals with the Joker by roughing him up a bit before send him to Arkham for a weekend. Moon Knight skins the Bushman's face off and snaps his neck. In conclusion I think Moon Knight's an underrated and unappreciated character with lot's of depth and potential for writers to tap. So yeah, Go Moon Knight, he's got more in common with The Punisher/Dare Devil than he does with Bats. And Bats is my favorite character by the way, and easily the more compelling of these two. But that's no reason to write Moon Knight off. 


No One Man Should Have All of That Power...

If anything has hurt the big two in recent years it has to be allowing the creative direction of so many titles to be dictated by two men, Geoff Johns and Brian Bendis. Now that's not to say that I don't enjoy these two writers works, In fact I loved Bendis on New Avengers and nearly everything that Johns has been doing over at dc. Nevertheless, any writer having so much input and influence is not good for a company or it's readers. I'm a firm believer that no writer should have his hands on more than 3 titles at once. I think if you must multi task then a solo flagship character, a major team they're on, and a lesser known/creator owned character mini series. I mean Bendis has been setting the tone for marvel for the past 3 or so years. While some of that produced some great stuff, I can't help but feel that control he was given and still wields has hurt the company. I'm a die hard marvel fan. There was a time where the ONLY character over at DC I respected and took seriously was Batman. Since Bendis took the creative reigns at marvel I can safely say that I'm buying at least two DC books for every Marvel one I buy these days. As I said before I LOVE Geoff Johns but I have to question his decisions to resurrect Barry Allen and Hal Jordan, thus Retconning the great, great Parallax saga. Now with him I have less complaints than with Bendis, in fact I must admit that because of him I'm reading comics again and on the whole loving the current direction of the books he's over. However I can't help noticing that he's spreading himself a bit thin and that eventually all good things will come to an end. My main issue with these two's time as the golden boys of their respective companies is that there have been waaaaaay too many crossovers. Like seriously just look at Marvel. When's the last time you could read a flagship title for more than a 3 issue arc before it was tied into an "event"?. Speaking of invents I feel a rant blog coming on...anyways, I digress. How do you guys feel about this issue?  


Anybody else here reading Haunt?

It's by Robert Kirkman (Invincible), Todd McFarlane,& Greg Capullo (Spawn). It's about a wayward priest who gets sucked into his deceased brother's life as a spy. Oh and he can also see his Brother's ghost and when he becomes possessed by his brother they combine to become the hero "Haunt". I kind of wrote the series off at first when I saw the main character, my first thought was "Really? This looks like Spider-Spawn" but I gave it a chance and it's a really great series. If you like the idea of the new Venom being a black ops agent then you'll love this, because I swear this is where marvel got that idea from. The story is very action packed but with plenty of well written dialog and interesting relationship dynamics and McFarlane & Capullo's artwork is excellent.