When Did Reed get so Ripped?

I recently started reading  Hickman's Fantastic Four run (amazing by the way) and noticed that while Eaglesham's art's really nice, he draws the most awkward Reed Richards I've ever seen ever. His He-Man meets man of science steez is very, very off putting to me. I mean Look at this pic. Reed looks like when he's not couped up in his lab he's hittin' the gym with Luke Cage. I swear he looks like cable or something. Same goes for his Johnny. Both of them are overly jacked up and look like WWE action figures. Everything else during his issues look great, but it always distracts me how wrong Reed and Johnny look, especially Reed. 

Mister Fantastic

Is Chuck Austen's X-Men as terrible as I heard?

I'm a huge X-Men fan but didn't read their titles again until New X-Men. And even then I didn't read consistently until around Second Coming. I know Chuck's run is universally hated by X-fans. I have a friend that's a long time reader/fan who loved Austen's run. This boggles my mind, because most die hards I know have the same level of anathema towards him that Spider-Man fans have for Joe Quesada. So to all of you who read it I ask, was it all that bad? Was it bad at all. was Chucky boy just misunderstood? 


Black Manta's suit could use an upgrade/update

I loved Johns/Tomasi's take on Manta during Brightest Day. But after watching ep. 8 of Young Justice (wonderful show by the way) I can't help think that if his DCU costume looked like this on a regular basis it would be really slick and much more intimidating  
Manta dressed like this and Aaquaman attired more similar to how he was during Morrison's JLA would make my day. I mean seriously, That Garrish orange shirt has to go, and give him a beard. I could do without the mullet. Aquaman should look like the Leonidas of the sea!!! 


The Emotional Spectrum Is Sorely Lacking In Actual Emotions


Will power IS NOT an emotion!!!
It occurred to me recently that DC's emotional spectrum should really be renamed seeing as how most of the Lantern Corps lack any ties to actual emotions. For starters the most familiar corps, the Green Lantern Corps, derives their power source from will power. Will power is not an emotion, it's a character trait. The same could be said for avarice, the power source of Larfleeze the one man corps. Life and Death are states of being. In fact the only cores that are actually powered by emotions are the Red Lanterns, Sinestro Corps,and Star Sapphires. I'm wondering about including the Blue Lanterns in the latter group, but I feel that hope is abstract and hard to categorize. If I was forced to make a hard and fast decision I'd have to lump it in with the character trait groups.  
Anyways, what say you brethren? Should dc rethink this concept? If so what should it be renamed?

Mutant Hatred...isn't it time to move past it?

X-Men: Second Coming #1

I understand that the X-Men/Mutants are the fill in the blank oppressed minority in Marvel, but I think it's utterly silly to keep having humans fear/hate them when they embrace the super heroes/metahumans of their world. It's just counterintuitive and utterly asinine to me. Humans fear mutants because of their power/abilities/threat potential, yet they support other individuals with the EXACT same potential to destroy them. You'd think that after the countless times the X-Men saved the day that humans would you know...get over it. Sure they'll always be fringe extremist who will hate monger, but society at large should've moved on past their fear and bigotry. Mutants being hated in Marvel's comics makes about as much since as the avengers not allowing Luke Cage to join because he's black or married to a white woman. It's just such an antiquated concept.  I like the way DC handles the issue of metahumans. When somebody hates them, they hates them all.  
Take Maxwell Lord for example, he has a deep seeded hatred for all metahumans (rather ironically of course). Whether it be the Justice League, Aliens, Villains, Atlanteans, or Amazon he mistrusts, fears, and despises them all.   He sees them all as a threat to his way of life and would wipe them all out. But the people of Marvel's world would just as soon hold a parade for the Avengers while gassing mutants in death camps. Just doesn't mesh with me. How do you guys feel on this topic?

The US Government in the Marvel U Is Ridiculously Inept!

I've noticed lately that a lot of heroes/villains have the word "super soldier serum" involved in their origins. Most recently I've noticed it in Black Panther: Man Without Fear with the introduction the titles main villain Vlad the Impaler. Sure these guys all seem to be getting an incomplete version of the juice but come on man! Seriously, how lazy was security at the facility tasked with guarding that info? I swear that place must've been easier to get into than Jen Walters' bed. You'd think something that dangerous would be kept out enemy hands at all cost. Anybody else know exactly how many people at this point have been exposed to a version of the serum? I quit counting 12 people ago :P

Things We Should Be Reading Pt. I: Morning Glories...

So I figured from time to time I'll shed some light on some lesser known/praised series/minis/maxi's/trades etc. that I'm currently enjoying by sharing them with all of you. So first up I proudly present to you "Morning Glories". This series is published by Image Comics and is written by Nick Spencer, a writer who's been slowly but surely building a name for himself in the industry (Check out T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents over @ DC). The basic premise of the series is that there's a prestigious, private academy who's students all happen to share the same birthday. If that sounds weird to you that's because it is. From the get go we are made acutely aware of that something in this pristine, bright world is amiss, we just don't quite know what. Well turns out that the faculty and staff (fully armed security included) are all involved in a vast conspiracy and they've gathered these kids here for a nefarious purpose, which we also don't know. I gotta say normally I'd feel like I was being strung along when I've finished an arc and still didn't have a concrete grasp of exactly everything that's going on and why, but not so here. The series is really well paced, the dialog is sharp and witty, and all the kids have strong characterizations. This could've easily been the breakfast club meets lost, and I mean that in the worst way possible. 
The art by Joe Eisma has been phenomenal throughout the series. This was my first exposure to his work and I have to say I've been thoroughly impressed and look forward to seeing much more of it  in the near future. Alex Sollazzo's colors really pop off the page, they're very lively, but never feel overstated or distracting. They have just the proper brightness to give a kinetic energy to everything. Rodin Esquejo has been handling the covers and I gotta say they are what convinced me to check out the series. It can be difficult to write teenagers without the dialog sounding unrealistically adult or overly young and filled with dated slang and made up gibberish. Most impressively Spencer avoids both of these common pratfalls. He adds the right amount of emotional vulnerability and personal insecurity to the kids to make them sympathetic and resonant and avoids them being emo and whiny. On a first glance it's pretty easy to typecast all of the kids. Casey's the pretty girl, and the leader. Zoe's the tough chick with a troubled past and a chip on her shoulder. Jun's the strong, silent muscle. Hunter's the unsure bumbler with a heart of gold. Jade's the awkward one. Ike? Well Ike's the slick talking, cocky smart ass (he even wears a scar and shades in doors). Despite the seemingly formulaic make up of this team they each have moments when they significantly fly in the face of convention. 
In closing this series has been great, great stuff and I'd highly recommend it to you, my fellow viners!!! So go out and check it out. It's finished it's first arc (5 issues) so it's not to late to jump in and catch up!