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So yeah... 0

Carnage is having a baby! I don't know what to say, but I'm gonna keep it short. This wasn't very good.The story was pretty boring but picks up in issue 4. Pat as a character was pretty shitty, I didn't like him at all. And I'm gonna keep it at that, and move on to the art. I really didn't think that any of the characters in this except the symbiotes looked good. Weird chins was a common trait in this book. Venom looked fucking awesome though. All in all, it's not great, but if you find it cheap...

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An absolute delight 0

If you may say that about a Punisher book, this is one. Great artwork and a good story that isn't very special but still doesn't dip in quality as the issues go on, every issue on it self paces the story in a good way. Crazy shit happens, messed up stuff, violence, gore, cursing - it's Ennis being Ennis, and I freakin' love that. I will pick up more of these trades for sure. And I hope it's just as entertaining as this one, great read! 4,5/5 ...

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