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This is a work in progess and just a first draft of an orgin story of a new character I'm working on.  Would love to hear what you think.

There are many versions of the nature of God, the place in existence of what you may call the Devil or a being of pure evil in general.  Each culture, each religion has their beliefs on these subjects.  Some are closer to reality than others.  This is the truth.

For anything to truly exist in reality there must also be a complete polar opposite, love and hate, light and dark, good and evil.  So it is with God and the devil.  One a being of true love, light and goodness, the other the polar opposite full of hate, darkness and evil.  I don’t think you need me to tell you which is which.  The two beings came to existence at the same moment, the time you call creation.  Each then was given a domain to control, these you call heaven and hell.  God populated heaven with angels, yes they do exist, and the devil populated hell with demons.  Between these two worlds a third came into existence that place you call home, the middle ground in the battle of good and evil.  Earth.

This place was created with both forces of good and evil, light and dark as such neither god nor devil can tread here, but their minions can.  So god sent angels and devil sent demons to try to convert this place to support their own existence, and so a unseen war was started.  Angel verses Demon, good verses evil.  A war that has raged for all time.

God attempted to gain the upper hand around two thousand years ago.  He took a part of himself, allowed it to be corrupted by a little evil, just enough to exist here and sent it to earth in the form of a man.  But as is the nature of existence there cannot be one with its polar opposite, so the devil took part of himself and allowed it to be touched by a little good so it too could exist in this place.  For two thousand years this creature has resided in hell waiting for the right time to come to earth to do his fathers work.  That time has come and now he is here.

How do I know all this you may be asking.  I’ve been studying this for two thousand years.  I am the creation of the devil, his son, his seed and now I’m here.


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Most people at some point.

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The Joker

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Hi being from the UK I took a while to get into US comics, over hear comics are seen as a kids thing and availability is rubbish.  Big Batman and DC in general fan. Having taken just over a year off buying comics am now completly confussed about everything thats going on.

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Shouldn't the question be which of the four robins is the best?
Tim is the best robin, dick the best crimefighter that has been robin. Jason was a bit of a nut.

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You're so wrong the bat and knightwing wouldn't need azrael to kick spidey and co's butt