Review about The killing Joke.

because i can't write a real review( comics vine, fix it ) here one
All the storys about the Joker have in one book?! yes yes, the book is call : The Killing Joke and it fantastic.
Alan Moore,Brian Bolland, John Higgins have done a great job great draws,paint,and story
its very good.
when i buy the book it was very expensive, cost a 40$ yes40 dollars,i gave all my money i have to buy this book and you know what? it was worth it.

one of the picturs , from the book
i was dreaming about this book sence my last birthday ( 8\8\08 ) and now finally i complet the dream.
If you wanna know how Joker have white face and green hair buy the book, if you wanna see the Joker in a great draw buy the book, and if you carzy at the Joker ( like me ) buy the book.
and if you wanna know ( SPOILER) that the Joker take a pic' of Barbara Gordon naked and make  James Gordon watch it buy the book.
If you wanna know(SPOILER) that the Joker shoot Barbra Gordon buy the book.
lets finish with a great HAHAHA

So if you don't have the book so what the --- are you doing here?! run to the comic book shop and buy it!!!

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today is my birthday :D

ok today its my birthday ( 8\8\8 ) and i go to watch the dark knight even if i whatched this again it was amazing movie, maybe because i like the joker, or maybe just the movie, after the movie i eat pizza with my family. that was a good birthday!

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hello pepole of earth

im the biggst fan of the joker and if you dont beleiv me so i tell you somthins id do for joker!
1. my birthday cake is og the joker
2. i got many of posters
4.i build him from wood
so im fan of the joker by!

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