Gotta go with the classic: the Joker!!! He has such an impeccable dress sense! His clothes really make me drool.


Another choice could be Batman or Flash (but my Puddin's far more elegant than a bat in bright thights!!!)
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My PUDDIN'!!!!!!!! But hey, I'd be veeery sorry to.... LEAVE HARLEY HOME!
Nonono, it would be a eyes-in-eyes vacation. Wonder if he can suntan? Well it would be absolutely lovely go to the beach with him. Hey, wait!!! I'd see him in his... like... swimming trunks???
Oh, my, now I REALLY want this vacation!
Hmmm Mistah J ;P

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The Ace of Knaves 2

Here I made new drawings of my cute li'l Acey...
 Here one of the most important moments for him: changing his hair style.

Now his hair is all ruffled. Much better!!!

And now, sexy Jennifer Pride. Jenny, you're on!

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Dark Knight!!!

It's gonna be the best this year, I think Hellboy will be good too, 'cause in the Dark Knight the Joker's look is a little 'scarred freak look'. He seems like a zombie!

good when he has the back turned

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The Ace of Knaves

I always loved writing and drawing since I was four. I also love movies and acting, so when I grow up I'd like to be a movie director. But my favourite activity is without a doubt creating characters. One of my 'sons' is particularly singular. I named him Sebastian (he also has two middle names, Hildebrand and William). Seb was born as the insignificant character, created to be the support of one of my novels. Seb was the absolute contrary of Kevin ( the handsomest guy in school, and a bully). Sebastian was frequently bullied by Kevin and his 'henchmen': Mark, Jack 'cocked up' and his brother Jekill 'badass'.  He was loved by Edna, a dark girl who later became Mark's girlfriend. But Kevin's and Seb's aim was... Jennifer Pride, the most beautiful girl in the school. She was rich and spiffy but fantastic and all the guys were after her. He became to appreciate Sebastian and became his girlfriend. The thing that Sebastian didn't know was... she did this for a bet with her friends: a month with the most jinxed guy in school and she could obtain a new motorbike. After a month she kissed Kevin before Sebastian's eyes. Then Kevin beated the hell out of Seb. The guy snapped.
THIS was the change. Sebastian was brilliant at school, timid, gentle, the good guy, the one who studies, combs his hair and wears good clothes. Slightly feminine, he was often made fun of and bullied. 
But  this made him go out of his mind. He returns home and closes himself in his room planning his revenge: there is a new spark in his innocent blue eyes. A spark of the REAL Sebastian: a spark of cunning, mischief, charm... and even a little madness. He decides to ruin the school's play. Dressed up as the Ace of Knaves, he jumps on the stage and places a mess

Knaves on the stage

(here's the image, coloring is not the best but my scanner don't get well drawing colored with pencil colors. Sorry).
So the headmaster tries to get him down but he hits him with his cane. Once jumped off, his parents get him home and his father beats him up. Mom and Daddy think they have a crazy son, so they call a psychiatrist that gives Sebastian, I mean, Knaves an hallucinogen and bring him to a lunatic asylum. The day after his parents receive a letter from the headmaster in which he says Sebastian is kicked outta school.
At the asylum, Seb refuses to be analyzed and hits the doctors so bad that they have to straight jacket him. After a week Sebastian gets back the control of his own mind and realizes that he lost his not very many friends, his parents' love and his awesome school career. He gets desperate and cries. The only way to escape his conditions is running away. He escapes through the window and finds a hideout in an abandoned garret.
He's only 17. The great change isthat he completely changed his look and manners: he still have black short hair, but not combed, ruffled. And he looks better. He doesn't try to hide his feminine nature and the result is tat he's overtly sexy. He soon discovers that chicks can't resist him. Timid Sebastian is no more. The Ace of Knaves is born.

Knaves brat!

Cute smile


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Riddle Me This

Riddle me this, and riddle me that: who is afraid of the big black bat?

Heh. I LOVE THE RIDDLER! When I had my first encounter with Batman characters he seemed to me a lame villain. 'Riddles- I thought- is that all he does?'I hated the mad scientist character, always. Don't get me wrong now- I love madly Mistah J, but Riddler's my second fav villain, with Harley Quinn.

The reason of my interest in him is... (I know you all are going to shudder)the third Batmovie, 'Batman Forever'. Well, it can be garbage if you want so... but it was too explosive. It's one of my fav movies. My, Jim Carrey rocks. And Tommy Lee Jones too. They're a fantastic, perverse couple! I loved their relationship in the movie, crazy friends, just like real men are... they're so cute together!

So, first I liked the Riddler's attitude: I always thought that he was such a bore. Watchin him doing all those crazy things was hilarious. You think that maybe he has to be logical and rigid, to me not: an obsessed person is always a little silly, and he think he's the world's genius, no? He has to be wild. Maybe it was exaggerated, but it was funny for sure. Then... I loved his lines and the fact he can't fight hand to hand makes him so cute (if you watched it: the scene at the casino or what was it when Two Face 'teaches' Eddie how to punch a guy... -"Aawww!")...

Besides, I love how he moves and plays with his cane... it's difficult to do! And... er... don't get me wrong, but his mask is too damn sexy...


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What DC is doing to Harley Quinn

Harls, sweet, little Harsl! I loved you so much when you were a lovable psychopath... Well, maybe I'm a too old-school Harley fan to understand this change... but I think that if Harley was created as a sidekick, so she needs to remain a sidekick. Harley alone is bad, no, the worst thing I've ever seen. She represents love, she can't hate her Puddin'! And that psycho after all loves her. Harley was a way to see Joker cuddly (and in mid clothes!Yum!), he's human after all.

Why Harley? Why? Why, why, why? They had a thousand of nasty girls to ruin: Poison Ivy, Lady Vic...

They probably think that comic fans is loving their change when the majority hates it.

Does she really have no more love for his Sweetheart? Will she become a good guy? Harley Quinn is a villain, and a sidekick. That's why I left her. That's strange because it was through her that I met Joker and Batverse in general. I had no friends. Harley was my only one. I thought she was soo cool. I sticked some drawings of her on my room door and on my school diary. I was obsessed with her, when... CRASH. I knew of this stuff. And now my only one is Mistah J.

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