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Thank god this story arc is over, definitely wasn't that good. If the story doesn't get better from here out, this might be getting pulled from my pull-list. Agree that the side-ways layout was annoying too.

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While I agree with the reviewers opinion about the writers issues with the progression of Supergirls character, I also feel he was a bit harsh in his grading. The art is stellar, and the writing isn't so bad that it warrants reducing below at least 3 stars on the strength of the art alone. If they gave half points I'd bump it another half star on the introduction of this new "real" Lobo, who is apparently looking for the Lobo we all know and love, who is allegedly an imposter. Well, if he is, I am looking forward to seeing him pound the hell out of this new pretty boy. Grade - 3.5 stars

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I continue to find this series quite entertaining. The writing and character development has been really good. While Francavilla's art was better, and less jarring, this issue. I agree that his style doesn't fit this series, for both setting and characters. Nuances of these interesting characters, particularly facial expressions, get lost in the artist's drawing style.

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This whole "you use your ring you drain the universe" story direction is annoying to me, frankly. So all the ring slinging through Sinestro War and Blackest Night didn't cause any problems, but now a Lantern just uses his ring and it's an issue. Whatever.

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Its official, I am done with all things X-Verse again. AvX lured me back (not that it was any good), but these are not the X-Men I grew up with the last 30+ years. Done. I'll save some money.

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Is Jae Lee coming back? His style made the book more unique. Not so much now.

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I have to agree with the point that WHEN Peter does get back and has to deal with all the consequences of Spocks actions, it will just be a painful and annoying read. And I too have gotten to the point where everytime Spock does something out of character for Spidey, it just reinforces how much I want Peter back already. Its kinda just gotten annoying.

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LoL, nevermind. For you two, the maturity level required for the show's comedy is right on target.

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I have to agree. When I first started reading this series, I REALLY liked it. But as it moved along, it became more and more convoluted and difficult to understand. It doesn't help that he has introduced so many characters and that the artists style makes them look so similar thats its very difficult to differentiate them. Its too bad, I really want to like this series, but the effort is being to be too much. I am going to go back and re-read them and see if this helps. Comics shouldn't be this hard to read!?! lol, I mean I have a Masters degree and majored in philosophy in undergraduate, tackling Nietsche and Sartre shouldn't be easier than a comic book.

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I agree that the ongoing complaining of Young Justice fans towards this Teen Titans show is pretty annoying. Guess what my 6 year old daughter LOVES the old TT's shows, but she also really likes this new one. "I like the old one better, Daddy; but you know what? This one is really funny and I like it too." And that folks is the target demographic:elementary school age kids. My daughter didn't care for Young Justice, I tried, didn't take. She will be bugging me for the new Teen Titans merchandise as soon as she sees it too, I am quite certain. And for those of you complaining it's not funny, guess what? Your not in 2nd grade.

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