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@oldnightcrawler: I actually haven't read issue number 10 yet because I'm currently away from any comic book stores and I'm in the middle of nowhere, but I should be back to civilization tomorrow and once I get #10 i'll keep your points in my mind and try and give Irving a second chance!

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Uncanny X-Men with Bendis, All New X-Men, X-Men with Brian Wood, and I've been reading Ultimate Comics X-Men on Marvel Unlimited and I've been loving it.

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@oldnightcrawler: I definitely see your points. Maybe Irving's art will just be something I need to adjust to, I do like the faces, I just don't overall love it. I just hope he uses a little more variety in his colors because when the X-Men were in Limbo, there was A LOT of red and then in another panel, they teleported back to the school and there was a lot of blue. I think it's also the hair that puts me off. It just seems odd to me lol

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So, I've been inactive on here for about a month or two, but I NEED to talk about how much I loathe Frasier Irving's artwork, especially since I LOVE Bachalo's art, specifically on Uncanny X-Men. Why do they keep trading artists? It's irritating in my opinion. Does anyone else agree and who do you prefer, Bachalo or Irving?

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Did anyone else love the scene where the Stepford Cuckoos attacked Jean mentally and then Emma stopped them by saying ''Aaand Scene" Sorry I don't have the scans, could someone post some?

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So I was thinking of actresses to play Zatanna, if Zatanna will be in the JLA film, and this one just seems to fit well. If you've ever seen Legend of the Seeker then you know who i'm talking about! How do you think she works as Zatanna?

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Woah..... Im re reading new,astonishing, and uncanny all from new xmen and I just noticed that after charles shoots cassandra nova after emma takes off hee cerebra helmet, he says "To me my xmen" and all the xmen are posed. Did uncanny xmen in the present reference this with Cyclops? Or is it just a coincidence

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@blood1991: Yeah, I also think this picture is a better look at their costumes, though there is quite a bit of X in their uniforms lol. I think Emma should've just sported this outfit the entire time.

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@blood1991: haha yeah, the gloves I didn't care for and Emma's style it's the only one I hated, though when she was in her other ''casual'' outfit she looked better. Idk why I like this style so much, I guess I like how unified each costume was, besides Emma's, since the X-Men typically don't have matching costumes anymore.