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Mental Midgets, Molecular Mutants, and Men of Steel 0

Superboy faces off against Plasmus, while Wonder Woman's enemy Dr. Psyscho makes his New 52 debut(lol than rhymed). GoodSuperboy is more focused then ever on truly being a hero, something that his progenitor Superman helped inspire. Dr. Psycho's update is also fairly interesting, with his psychic affairs being handled by an astral form of himself. This bald form of Dr. Psycho somewhat resembles how the character look during the Terry Dodson run of Wonder Woman. The dialogue, namely Psycho's can...

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An undeserved hatred 2

Everyone seems to be ragging on this issue, namely because Lobdell is writing it. I, however, do not have a crush on Tim Drake, so I don't hate Lobdell. GoodThe art, while not done by Kenneth Rocafort, is quite good, and the way certain characters are drawn(namely Clark) resembles the same way Rocafort draws them. Also nice to see were ramifications from the previous storyline(H'el On Earth) still being present, much like the recent issue of The Flash. This includes references not only to the e...

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What a Giant pile of FAIL 0

The basic premise of this story is that all of the super powered individuals in the DC universe suddenly lose their powers. If hit upon quickly, then wrapped up with the characters getting their powers back, the premise could have produced a good story but instead, we get his giant steaming pile of disgusting and anger-inducing filth. Characters are written completely OUT of character, such as Superman eventually becoming a mopey drunk, and Booster Gold reverting back to his old money-grubbing w...

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