Least favorite characters in comics

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Is this made to intentionally piss people off or do you really feel this cause Surfer is Awesome, Kyle is way better than Hal, Cable, Black Panther, Luke Cage and Wolverine are good (If a tad over rated) characters. The rest I either don't know or don't care about.

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@joshmightbe: Rayner and Cable are areas in which the 90s sucked. Royally. See above posts for pretty good reasons on why I hate Wolves/Cage/Panther. Silver Surfer is boring as hell.

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I disagree with Storm, Wolverine, Killer Croc, Cable, and Poison Ivy!

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@papad1992: Storm: powered by bad writing

Wolverine: the whore of the Marvel universe

Poison Ivy: Does not fit as a Batman villain

Killer Croc: sucks in general, gets beaten by a child(Damian), and deserves to die because reptiles suck. Also a poor man's Lizard.

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Why the hate for Cass, and Connor couldn't ruin what already sucked. lol

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@ostyo: Cass is a walking plot device, and hawke is a disgrace to the name of Oliver queen, and I'm not even a huge green arrow fan

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Why do you hate Wolverine and Black Panther?