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Who would have thought it? With all the naysayers and predictions it would be over after Trinity War etc. Two years's got it's own book, and a DVD coming out with the romance and there's merchandising...would WB/DC really want to shoot themselves in the foot for old recycled stories where the former love interest is often more a plot device for Supes? Make no sense to me.

Keep Supes/Wondy around this canon.

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The reason I don't care for Lois can be clearly shown in Man of Steel. The character is forced on the audience in ways that is laughable and she is a plot device more than anything. In comics, if Clark isn't pining after her to notice him or needing to rescue her, there is not a lot they can do. They seem to think these days giving her super powers so she can hang around metas is the answer be it Earth 2 or being Laniac . That simply magnifies that she can't stand on her own as the character she is supposed to be a reporter. Pro Lois writers has to justify her so much they take away Superman's motivations by trying to make claims that he needs her alone as his love interest to care for earth and be grounded and she is his great moral compass etc. That alone is so much bs. Give me a break. I am so glad the new 52 tries to show via Morrison and others that it is Clark, his upbringing, his parents, his experiences, ALL his allies and friends, (not only Lois) his heritage and his personal choices etc are the reasons why he is the great man he is and why he will always be a hero. Not because of Lois.

So put me down for Wonder Woman. Who actually challenges the guy more than Lois ever could in ways we have never seen before. They need as far as I am concerned to work on Lois Lane. The character now she is no longer a love interest is struggling which is a clear case that she is not that strong a character in the first place. Her fans might scream blue in the face but her main purpose was to give Superman a motivation or dilemma. To save her or her to notice him. I frankly don't even think Clark is made a better or more interesting character because he has to be with her only. People still complained how boring Superman was and for decades he was only stuck with her so it's not as if the romance aspect helped Superman become any more marketable. DC need to work on Lois and try to write her away from Superman. That is the test. So far they can't seem to do it. Look at how characters like Grayson and Harley can stand on their own. And Diana does not need Superman to tell stories as we have seen.

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So new creative team huh? Wonder why Soule left? His work load is tremendous though. Got to say he and Daniel did a fine job. Shame Daniel is not finishing off with him but really keen to read the Future's End stuff and his last issue of SM/WW. As for the new team, you guys have a hard act to follow. Hope you can bring it.

The sm/ww tumblr always get some links to the best sm/ww images around!

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how you think they'll help build a better universe with these two powerhouse dating.

how you think they'll help build a better universe with these two powerhouse dating.

how you think they'll help build a better universe with these two powerhouse dating.

how you think they'll help build a better universe with these two powerhouse dating.

Notice "when", not "if".


Don't worry about that... Even if they actually were originally scripted to break up, Geoff wouldn't have spoiled it. This was about Trinity War, and Geoff also responded that he wasn't sure anyone would make it through. Everyone thought Trinity War was about the Justice Leagues when it was really about the Crime Syndicate and was a segway into Forever Evil. You also have to remember that at this point, they literally just started dating, and this was before Superman/Wonder Woman had even been announced. Back then, yeah we shippers were worried, but seeing where our couple is now and how they've matured and grown together, it's safe to say that we have nothing to worry about. :)

Heh, remember that time. After this interview (notice that it was about Trinity War) Superman/Wonder Woman’s blog asked Johns if this officially means end of SM/WW relationship. His answer was something like “Each relationship has its up and down … and up”. Make of that what you wish. Personally, with stable sales, making its way into animated movies, statues, accessory, etc – DC invested too much into this relationship to abruptly end it imo.

I am getting my popcorn out for when JL Throne of Atlantis hits and when Soule's SM/WW #12 comes out. I can't wait to see the haters whine and foam at the mouth. lol. I agree DC will not be breaking anyone up yet either. It's counterproductive. The merchandising alone I am sure sells well and sm/ww are getting explored in animation. Hot Topic openly selling SM/WW stuff. Halloween is coming and the mini kiss statue is coming out in Dec. DC/WB ain't going to marginalized it's growing numbers of sm/ww fans by selling merchandise with them and breaking them up so soon. That's like saying to the fans, I want your money but I am not even going to give the pair a fair chance and go back to expecting you to buy the same old stories of the last 70 years. I don't think fans will appreciate that. And even if they break up, I don't see DC stopping with them there. They'll milk what they have on again/off again romantic tension like Bat/Cat...or maybe even triangle stuff. I hope they don't do triangles because that serves none of the characters really and just makes it into Twilight or Vampire Diary or whatever silliness that permeates romance that is too lazy to explore a couple but needs to draw a third party in to create soap opera.

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It doesn't make you right either on behalf of others. That's the thing though. You can think what you want but here is not the place for you to come do it. Go bash elsewhere. And please don't try that psuedo elitist great literature thing with me. People who read other forms of literature might just laugh in your face. You've proved my point about trolling as well.

I'm sorry but what is wrong with you? I made one negative comment about the book, someone told me not to do it here and I didn't until you outright insulted me. I believe insulting a person, especially one you never talked to before is somewhat more objectionable than being a little critical about an inanimate object, don't you think? You may think comic books are a lesser form of literature which is a regrettable preconception but I have no such ideas, I feel no shame in reading them.

What's wrong with me? Your rudeness and lack of comprehension. Your coming to sneer at fans here and disrupt their appreciation thread. A true mark of a troll. You might be interested in learning that Dan Didio himself said polls and likes and tweets do not sell comics. Internet noise does not drive creative decisions nor run a business. Clearly you think yourself on some moral pedestal and you seem to not to grasp you insulted the fans here first. As a sm/ww fan I have told you I don't care what you think or what you read and frankly I am sure the others here don't either. I spend my money how I want. I don't tell you what to buy. There is a reason why it is called a SUPERMAN/WONDERWOMAN APPRECIATION thread. It it not for you to come lecture us.

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Yeah, back to the appreciation.

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@johnqestion: I don't know what Clois means but I assume it's got something to do with Lois whom I don't particularly care for. I'm not against this relationship for whatever preconceived reasons you think I'm holding onto but I think the book's been a tremendous creative fiasco and as far as I'm concerned, having a more refined taste in comic book literature doesn't make me a "hater".

It doesn't make you right either on behalf of others. That's the thing though. You can think what you want but here is not the place for you to come do it. Go bash elsewhere. And please don't try that psuedo elitist great literature thing with me. People who read other forms of literature might just laugh in your face. You've proved my point about trolling as well.

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@johnqestion: This is what I have notice on some threads. People who can not even mention the issue they read end up admitting they did not read the new or old stories at all. Even when I see random blogs their are some openly biased people on the relationship. Some hardcore hate is out there but it is like anything else in the media. Look at ?Kanye being married to Kim as an example. No one dares to believe that maybe those two actually love each other and had a baby do to that but instead want to believe it is all a clever 5 to 10 year ruse. That is some seriously dedicated denial. lol

It is laughable. I mean ship what they want but trying to start a hate and smear campaign on SM/WW, their fans and Charles Soule etc is appalling and that is what a minority of Lois Lane fans are doing. They are always on twitter and tumblr or trolling DC on their facebook page. They say they are not buying books but have the most to say on the book. Seriously? The only kind of people who do crap like that is religious zealots. I saw these folks talking an expensive sm/ww kiss statue and smashing it with a brick on tumblr with other bloggers cheering to show how much they hate it and then lie and say it was damaged and she works in a comic shop. Yeah right. That is defrauding DC Collectibles because there is policy for damaged goods and I am sure the owner would love to know that she took the barely damaged statue to do that nonsense. irony is she also did it while hiding her face. If she had some balls do it in the open and let the sm/ww fans who buy comics from your comic shop to see what you doing. Horrible behavior.

Charles Soule is one of the nicest people around and the evil things that say about him. They attack others female fans for like sm/ww. They call them sexist. Can you imagine that? I have no respect and patience for fans like this. I don't give a hoot about any couples and what they do...this is fiction. The characters do what the writers tell them to. And some readers will like it or not. Lois and Clark for all their stories never interested me. I am sure that is why there are sm/ww fans around because similarly it never interested them either. They need to learn to accept that. And the more they carry on, the more they will turn people off.

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Tweet by Charlie Soule

S/WW 12 is unabashedly romantic. It's a love letter to love letters.

Prepare ourselves to sh…tstorm.

Plenty of action in issue – “where are romance and feelings in that? I’d never read more shallow and empty relationship”;

Romantic issue – “what’s the point of this book? To read about Clark/Diana love dovey? Meh”.

The sad thing is that is a true representation of what some people see the book as.

The sad thing is none of these people support Diana or SM/WW books much less read them. Some of the pro Lois voices are this loud minority on CBR and tumblr and twitter and they bash WW all the time even while trying to pretend they care for her. They don't buy her comics. They give excuses that they borrow from a friend. They were encouraging people to boycott Azzarello's WW. Then we have them before the SM/WW comic saying they would never buy it so when they come to say crap like it is boring and this and that...the real message is...I have not read this book but I will bash it anyway. I hope this issue has them openly affectionate and even yep. we see a bedroom scene to see heads explode. I don't give a crap about Lois and Clark but I don't go trying to spin conspiracy theories about them nor go troll their fans. It's comics and these people are fictional. There is something really disturbing about fans like this.

And DC have made their choice and the comic is selling and the pairing is now getting its time on animation. Clois fans need to suck it up and got take a chill pill and stop behaving like teenagers who have little grasp on reality.

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After Superman and Lois almost kissed this "unabashedly romantic love letter to love letters" is in very poor taste. I'm beginning to think Soule hates Wonder Woman because he's absolutely assassinating her and it does look intentional.

Salty. So salty. LOL.

Here I got something for you. Clois fans as shown by Greg Pak to SM/WW. Now kindly be a sport and go bash with your fellow haters ( there must be a clois thread around here) who don't really give a crap about Diana or support her comics. This is an appreciation thread if your comprehension of the intent of the thread is unclear.