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Back on Track 0

In this issue of Venom were getting back to what really makes this series great. All my favourite Venom issues are definitely the ones that get a little bit emotional and that's because it really sums up flash thompson's entire life and just gives you the most logical conclusions to the decision's he faced with. It's also just the theme's Remender's come up with for comparing Flash to Peter: "is killing really the right thing to do?", "How am I going to stay a hero and still make time for everyo...

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Absolutlely What i Needed 0

This is exactly what I want after Hickman's giant ff story wraps up. This is the perfect timing for this issue to happen. Just don't take it seriously! it's meant to be a lighthearted, quirky issue without consequence,One can only expect how Spidey and Johnny's living arrangements were going to work out for both of them and we get what we expected, executed in the best way possible. Some of the scenes involve a lot of the characters from Hickman's run and I guess the main reason for that is to k...

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Some Continuity Would be nice. 0

So in this issue we start off with another re-cap of what's happening in Peter's life. Horizon labs, feeling good about new york city, and just another one of those days where he's feeling great and ready to go to work and not have to deal with any baddies for a while. I like the idea of Parker luck and everything turning sour like it always does in a few hours, but I wish the issues would stop with the same introduction we always see. Too many issue's are feeling like .1 jumping on points.The n...

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One of the most interesting books out there. 0

I love this issue, it's probably one of my favourite comic books that i've ever read, but that wasn't true until I picked it up for a second time through. What happens in this issue that I find really incredible is that there's a part that's very confusing to understand at first, and takes some time to just figure out what is happening. There IS a reason for all of that confusion. I think it's meant to show how Flash's new power is working. It takes a while to understand the puzzle were given in...

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