Episode 15 or It's Me Again, Verne

Hello my fellow peeps. Tonight I shall share my two newest sketch cards with you guys! Hope you like them. And if you don't, then you've made a grown man cry tonight. And I hope you can live with yourself!

This is Verne from the Mystery Society. A great book from IDW and Steve Niles. This is Verne, as in Jules Verne. well really the brain of Jules Verne in a robot body. The characters in the book just kick all kinds of awesomeness. Check it out if you haven't already.

Henchman 21 from Venture Brothers. He may be the best character on one of the best animated shows ever made.

That's all for now my fine peeps.

Posted by Decept-O

@johnnyism: Have to agree with your sentiments regarding the Venture Bros. Love the Henchman 21 sketch card, my peep-a-roni!

Posted by Raven0207

@johnnyism: I'm glad you liked Mystery Society !