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I went there yesterday and saw the Scooby gang and I went there a while ago and saw them removed along with Wonder Woman why was she removed but the Blue Lanterns stayed there has never been any stories with Baman and the Blue Lanterns I just fixed it and wanted  to know why she keeps getting removed. 

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Chaos Agent said:
too big, for taht why not just bring back a new generation of the All Star Squadron? [more]

Why not it would be cool. All Star Squadron 2009 to deal with anybody from Mongul Superboy-Prime and now  the Black Lanterns in addition to the other lanterns who are all prophisized to kill eachother in the first place.
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I will read James Robinson's Justice League title but the JLA should be one massive group that deals with the big threats any time something like Sinestro Corps War or Final Crisis happens it should be told in the pages of Justice League of America with the world's greatest heroes, sure Superman may be on Krypton and Batman was Omega Sanctioned but there still could be a big JLA team maybe like this:

Black Canary


Dr. Light


Green Lantern (John Stewart)



Red Tornado

Red Arrow

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Green Arrow

Mikal Tomas




Captain Marvel (Freddy Freeman)

Ray Palmer

Atom (Ryan Choi)

Barry Allen and or Wally West

Batman (Dick Grayson)

Robin (Damian)



Wonder Woman

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I haven't read the Superman books lately but I know Chris is Nightwing and Thara is Flamebird and I just wondered are they together?

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JLA has had problems because a couple of years ago major things happened in JLA any time something like Sinestro Corps War, Final Crisis New Krypton or now Blackest Night would happen it was the League that dealt with it now they are more part of the background. I like those big storylines but it should be the JLA dealing with those events from their point of view. Besides from Grant Morrison's run on JLA it is clear that JLA is to big for breakups and characters angry at each other and that's where McDuffie shines maybe he was just the wrong choice.

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In case your interested the inspirations for this storyline have been listed:

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last december Teen Tians #66:

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There is something strange about that list Wonder Woman has. Some of these characters make no sense being on this list and characters like 4D Access Anarky Brainiac's Daughter Grey Ghost Al Pratt Mon-El have not had any moments with Diana to be considered Friends just because two characters interact doesn't mean they are friends.

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He has a real skin condition called Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis he is also like the elephant man in that David Lynch movie (which is based on a real guy named Joseph Merrick) also he was deplicted in The Joker graphic novel realistically. Besides The Dark Knight is still a superhero movie it's not the "realism" that sold the movie it was the fact that it was well written, acted and directed treating Batman with dignity and respect.

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Looks pretty good, Bagley's work on Ultimate Spider-Man and Trinity is very good and the book will look great.

As far as Judd Winick's writing, I think the book has a chance to be good since it will probably focus more on the new Batman then large groups. I've read some of Winick's stuff but not Green Arrow/ Black Canary or Titans it's sounds like Winick's weakpoint may be multiple characters.