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I read in Starman when Jack Knight went into the future that her baby sister will be one of the more known heroes of her time and in a issue of JSA (i think it was #72) her grown baby sister is actually shown (Starwoman?)  traveling back in time and speaks to Stargirl . So has there been any other hints of her infant sister's future recently.

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It may be Jason Todd and the doll-girl may be the guy's daughter at the end of issue 1. There was a specefic line that the anti-christ Batman said in #666 ("We're both sons of the Batman in our way, let's face it.")  that makes me think it is Jason Todd and that he will become a major villian for Dick and Damian.

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technically her first comic appearance was in Batman: Thrillkiller, an elseworlds title

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inferiorego said:
johnny_spam said: very unfornute fad of turning villians into anti-heroes they are DC universe villians they should be sick and demented any ... [more]

I know he's smart and that's why I Liked him as a villian he was someone who could have Batman mentally and physically challenged but still at least there was Dr. Hurt in R.I.P.  and who knows maybe he'll sell out the Secret Six
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very unfornute fad of turning villians into anti-heroes they are DC universe villians they should be sick and demented any body who wants to cripple Batman is a bad guy and should be treated as such.

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I haven't read Secret Six yet but plan to but my only concern is the way I've heard Bane portaryed. He has a paternal love for Scandal Savage he has helped Gotham during Battle For The Cowl I read Knightfall and remember him as a brutal son of a bitch and now apparently he's gone soft and it seems wrong for a Batman villian.

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Remember just because they promise it doesn't mean it will come remember the Batman Beyond Movie or the nineties Superman movie


real Teaser poster that premiered at American International Toy Fair in 1997

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Dumb idiots at Marvel studios are really going to try it, You can't just give every superhero a movie at some point in the Avengers project they may hit a roadblock with one of the movies or they will burn out the mainstream public and fail at the box office and kill the superhero movie genre if they wanted to just make a Avengers movie by itself.  Stupid asses.

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* Transformation of human into energy or information:
    In All Star Superman Superman himself has begun transformation into solar energy and has a vision of his father telling him  Kryptonians have evolved to the point of transforming into sunbeams implying that although thier bodies die the mind cannot be destroyed. speaking of visions...
   In many of Grant's stories a character has a vision of something that relates to their future. In Batman Bruce Wayne himself has a vision of three Batmen who themselves became characters in the rest of his Batman run. Events like this also have happened in his series The Invisibles.    
* Jackasses who are heroes at heart:
   In The Invisibles there is a little bastard named Dane who is in fact the new savior of Humanity over time he grows into a sympathetic character then a likable character then into leader of humanity as humans evolve to their next stage. In Batman there is Damian Batman's asshole son who just like Dane isn't liked really. But in Batman #666 Damian has become the new Batman (and admits that he is not as good as his father or Dick Grayson) and sold his soul to the devil (possibly Dr. Hurt from Batman R.I.P.)  to protect Gotham City. That's how dedicated Damian is to justice he will probably go to Hell to do the right thing.
* Foreshadowing:
   In Dc One Million there is mention of the Superman squad that has traveled back in time to stop the Chronovore which became a issue of All Star Superman eight years later. In JLA Rock of Ages the JLA go to the future but not far enough and see Darkseid has taken over the planet earth and uses the Anti-Life Equation to contol humans. This can be seen as a foreshadowing of Final Crisis that happened ten years later. Batman is even blasted by the Omega beam just like in Final Crisis and Metron also calls earth the seed for the Fifth World a term he uses in Final Crisis.
* Part of the story:
   Grant Morrison has placed "himself" in the story before. One of Grant Morrison's first creations is Gideon Stargrave who was revealed in The Invisibles to be King Mob a character who resembles Grant Morrison to the point that King Mob's pen name is Kirk Morrison. The similarities to Comic books and real life became strange: When King Mob got a flesh eating virus Grant Morrison got some sort of fungus on his face. When King Mob found out he may die Grant Morrison became so ill he almost died (he claimed to have used a magic spell to save his life). In Animal Man he wrote himself in the series as a character called the Writer who made Animal Man's adventures and controlled his life. Also Damian in Batman #666 appears with a shaved head and has a cat (Grant Morrison loves cats apparently). While writing All Star Superman Lex Luthor looked like him the same can be said for New X-Men because Xavier looked like him too.
* A better tommorow:
   No matter how dark something is in his stories there seems to be a theme that the world will get better. In Arkham Asylum the main idea is that after all the bad stuff Batman goes through he has cleansed himself and become more zen like the way he was in Grant's JLA run. Batman goes through another situation in 52 where he has purged himself of all doubt and fear he has had the past few years. A the end of Final Crisis the world is stripped down to a Watchtower (I think something similar has happened at the end of The Invisibles)  but is saved by Superman who uses the Miracle Machine (a wishing machine) and wishes for a happy ending at the end New Earth is fixed and there is talk on the tv of new possiblities. Even in R.I.P. Batman survies all that is taken to him and doesn't meet his "end" till Final Crisis where he is blasted by the Omega Sanction only to live at the begining of time.
* All connected:
   After reading more than one of Grant Morrison's strories  it can be seen thay all consolidate one another and you can see echoes of his previous works there is a character in Doom Patrol he made called Crazy Jane and in The Invisibles there is someone named Ragged Robin who has the same vibe as Jane the two are both named Kay and both say "I'm Nuts". All Star Superman is connected with DC One Million all his Batman stories are connected JLA hints at Final Crisis The Invisibles and The Filth share some suff in common. And apparently Dane and King Mob  make a hidden cameo in Marvel Boy (I never read Marvel comics so I don't know for sure).

That is what I see after reading some of Grant Morrison's work and I haven't read all of it so I'm sure other people smarter than me who have read all of his work can see more stuff that is going over my head.